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His violet muse

Tal and be welcomed to all that have come here. *smiles* this one is called violet muse or even better known as Master Prometheus' muse

muse is His first girl and welcomes each and every one of you to the Island. Any girls that come will be treated with respect by muse but know that she does have switching rights and if you intend on being or becoming kajira, she is a strict woman as she wants nothing but the best for her Master. muse has been a kajira for over 10 years. It is her life and her soul. While muse is petite and may seem frail she is far from. *gentle laugh* muse is branded, pierced and chained by Him. None may touch her in any way. To do so will be at your own risk as Master while not jealous Is possesive. *gives a grin* More will be added here as muse gets back into the flow of being within Gor again but for now this is all she has. If you have questions please leave them and she will respond as soon as possible. Winds and girls...serve with fire.

muse is a tiny girl standing only a mere five foot one, slight of build but tawny of flesh. her locks of crimson on most occasions look as bright as fire in a dusky twilight. her eyes are of deep midnight blue though on occasion turn a firey golden. Either from lust or anger depending upon the circumstances. her breasts are full and nipples pierced by her Master's own hands. Just recently her ears were pierced as well. her flesh is well toned and used to hard work, service being her greatest pleasure. she is quite exotic by Gorean standards and uncommonly beautiful. While raised on Earth her heritige is of Gor. Though by now she has forgoten whom her parents were.

she is the first girl of Kailiauk....Prometheus' muse. His pleasure whore. she belongs soley to Him and Him alone. she serves no other sexually and is restricted to Him.