Cat01 SLAVESEdit

Gorean slaves are property, with absolutely no rights under the law, period.

Any Free Person can discipline any slave at any time for any reason or no reason at all. However, damage to or slaying of a slave must be rectified with the slave's owner. While the law recognizes no rights to a slave, a Master or Mistress can and often does have affection or even love for a slave and may demand a high level of satisfaction from the offending party.

As has been noted, wars have begun over slaves.

Inlander Slaves

The Inlander slaves, vijakazi plural, kijakazi singular, are traditionally knife-branded rather than hot iron branded. Their kolars/collars are also of leather and tied on rather than of locking steel. Tabs can be attached to the collar to identify the slave's owner but the knife brand alone can serve that purpose. Because of the hot climate, vijakazi go about bare-breasted and in skimpy skirts of bark cloth rather than silks or work tunics.

Expected Behavior

Gorean slaves are to kneel in the presence of the Free

Gorean slaves are never to be idle, there is always something to do, if nothing else practice your dancing, singing, or jumping rope

Gorean slaves are to ask permission before eating or drinking before a Free person unless prior permission has been given.

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