• "When considering the essence of a slave a few qualities should spring immediately to mind. A natural deference, that natural submissiveness to dominance. An inherent desire to please. When the slave is a Gorean slave, still other qualities may come to mind: intelligence, respectfulness, obedience, and grace. Goreans are known for having high expectations of their slaves. Slaves who wish to assimilate into the community can anticipate striving to meet expectations of serious Goreans. Expectations will naturally vary amongst individuals, but some common expectations include obedience, consistent and proper slave behavior, and effort to be pleasing.
  • '"'What are my duties?' I asked. 'Exquisite beauty and absolute obedience.'"'- Slave Girl of Gor, page 261
  • 'The collar,' I said, touching it, 'is put on from without, but what it encircles, the slave, comes from within.Master?' she asked.''Slavery,' I told her, 'true slavery, comes from within...'" Savages of Gor
  • Exquisite beauty and absolute obedience. Nothing more; nothing less. In that short sentence comprising five words is revealed the very essence of the Gorean slave. A slave with the plainest of features may achieve exquisite beauty through demeanor, carriage, manners, obedience, and desire to please. While absoluteness as it pertains to on-line may be debated, the demand of basic obedience may not. Within the community there is no voice more authoritative than that of the Gorean male. It will be his decision as to whether a slave is allowed into his presence and for certain slaves, there is no place more precious to be than in the presence of a strong, Gorean master. Taking a slave to mold to Gorean standards requires an investment of time and energy on the part of the master. When guidance and direction are offered, or when a command is issued how beautiful is the slave who meets the challenges of her station with eager obedience.
  • Know that as a slave in the on-line community most every move made will be of interest to someone. Behavior will be scrutinized. Slave thoughts allowed to be expressed will often be dissected and ingested. Words should be in agreement with actions. Owned, the slave will become a product of and reflection upon the owner, so not only will the slave be judged by actions, but the owner also. Unowned, the slave will be a reflection of the innermost self, and when all the fluff is stripped away, the real slave is revealed. Reputations will be formed according to one's actions, interactions, and behavior, and those things must be consistently good in order to establish a good reputation in the community.
  • Expressing a pleasant demeanor one day then acting like a spoiled brat the next is the shortest path to destroying a valued reputation. The Gorean slave exhibiting proper behavior does not draw negative attention by creating dramatic scenes as the focus of the slave is not directed inward, but rather, outward, on serving the Free consistently pleasingly. A slave cannot find the satisfaction and fulfillment her nature demands by focusing inward or being self-serving, and a selfish slave will never be found pleasing by Gorean Free. Rather, such fulfillment is achieved by the slave through the giving of herself for the pleasure of those who understand the slave's nature, her masters. One of the most basic tenets of Gorean philosophy is being true to one's nature. The nature of the Gorean slave is consistent with the station of a slave, and one cannot be separated from the other. The Jekyll-Hyde, angel-brat submissive simply won't survive Gorean expectations in the long run.
  • '"The life of the slave is an entire modality of being, and this modality of being enhances the feelings and sensations just as, in turn, the feelings and sensations enhance and enrich the modality of being. The life of the female slave is a consistent, totalistic and indissoluble whole."'- Dancer of Gor, page 218
  • ' 'There may be little more beautiful in a slave than an innate eagerness to please. That inherent desire to please is a need that often supersedes the needs of the slave herself, a quality that surrenders so complementarily, so perfectly to mastery. In order to properly express that desire, effort must be made. There are myriad ways in which a slave can strive to please the Gorean Free, such as through the emulation of physical service entailing the serving of food or drink; through conversation; through following basic commands; or through applying one's self to direction and tutelage, only to name a few. There is no higher seat of learning than at the feet of a knowledgeable master. And should a slave find a spot at the feet of such a man, good effort should be made to excel in his expectations because that privilege can be denied on a whim and Goreans won't continue wasting time on slaves unwilling to make efforts to please.
  • When no other choice exists but for the slave to follow her heart into the Gorean realm, do so with obedience and good behavior and willingness to please. The journey may be arduous at times and the knocks hard ones, but the ultimate fulfillment of the nature of the slave is the revelry in her natural station and the mastering of it."
  • All slaves are expected to try their hardest at all times while they are in Kailiauk Island and traveling abroad. That means highly descriptive posts, perfect obedience, and exquisite codes and avatars. Masters are thought to have the highest expectations of slaves on Gor and this is true within Kailiauk Island. If slaves fail to be pleasing to the Free Men of the Island, they can expect to find themselves disposed of. If your r/t mood stops you from being the best you can be, then do not come into the room for it will be seen as dishonoring not only your Master, but those of the Island as well.
  • It is an honor to be owned by any person who lives Kailiauk Island, because the Men of the Island only choose the best of what Gor has to offer in the way of property. If you are so chosen to be honored with the chance to serve here, you must earn the right in continuous perfection. In other words, show your pride in the usual way of a kajira, yet remain within the limits of expected obedience and inspire pleasure in those around you.

The slaves of Kailiauk Island are not expected to do the usual busy chores that slaves in other camps are expected to. There has never been a Master on Gor who was inspired by the way a slave picked up around the camp or tended to the NPC bosks. While, a slave may be asked to perform these tasks, they do not have to do a specific amount per week. Instead, slaves are expected to generate roleplay during their time in the room. This means that slaves may have storylines amongst themselves, because while they are property, they are also persona's just like a Free. Yet, these roleplays should never interfere with your duties to your Master and home, they must come after your serving, greeting, and orders. If you are roleplaying when someone comes into the home, it is expected that you stop, greet, and ask to serve. The slaves of Kailiauk Island will never utilize weaponry or threaten a Free or other slave, regardless if they are visitors or not. The only time this rule may be broke is in the time of a raid, when slaves are expected to fight to the death in order not to be captured. The slaves of the Island are only meant for the Island, yet may serve visiting men as well. All slaves should know that while they are highly prized because of their quality, they are, at the end of the day, just property and therefore, can and will be disposed of if they are found displeasing. (No Robinhood's will be allowed to 'save' displeasing slaves. NPC inspired deaths will be expected to deal with situations like that, at the Ubar's desire. Ungorean Acts, get Ungorean Acts in return. Fuck your civil rights and inspiring speaches about fairness.) As in any home, some OOC will occur. We enjoy bantering with one another and so on. This, of course, is acceptable. What is not acceptable and never will be is the use of OOC to insult or to use OOC as an excuse to get away with it. You say it, you own it has always been the motto. Just as travelling slaves are not allowed to enter Kailiauk Island without escort or prior arrangement, no slave of Kailiauk Island will travel without escort unless A. given express permission by their owner or B. was sent on a specific task by a which point the responsiblity of that slave lies on the Free. No exceptions will be made.


Visiting Slaves

  • Slaves don't travel. If you attempt to visit here without being the guest of a member, or the slave of a guest. Then expect to be recollared. Simple force posts will suffice for the judgement as well.

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