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"Category," I heard, "—Pleasure Slave." — Dancer of Gor, page 129.

Yes … a slave is a slave is a slave is a slave. However, there are specific classifications of slaves found on Gor, including specialty slaves. Too, slaves may be assigned to a specific occupation or task. This page will touch upon the various categories of slaves.

The region or the specific origin or use reserved to a girl is often the basis of classifying the "type" of slave a woman (or man) is. It also must be remembered that a fully trained pleasure slave may also be set to task working in the mills, or plowing the fields as a peasant slave, or thrown to a kitchen master to work as a kettle slave. The slave, from the highest to lowest slave on a chain, no matter their "title" or classification, will be used in whatever way the master so desires.

Please Note Except in quotes, for brevity purposes, when referring to the masculine and the feminine, especially to master/mistress and female slave/male slave, for brevity purposes, the word "master" shall be used whereas a "master" may be the masculine, or whereas "master" may be the feminine; nouns in the feminine ("kajira"), pronouns in the feminine ("she"), and absolute possessives in the feminine ("her") shall be used whereas the nouns, pronouns and absolute possessives may be the feminine, or whereas the nouns, pronouns and absolute possessives may be the masculine.

How Classifications Would Be Determined

There are four (4) elements in the determination of a slave's classification. These are: Breeding / Origin of Birth

Virginity Status

Specific Training

Specific Usage (Cultural)

• Breeding / Origin of Birth Breeding is the major factor in slave status. The Gorean slave woman is one who was born on the planet of Gor, either free or into slavery. Such status elevates the slave over the barbarian slave woman, who was born on Earth and brought to Gor on the voyages of aquisition. Additionally, some slaves — male and female (though far rarer with the male slave) — have a pedigreed lineage going back through several generations of slave matings, and their masters hold the papers to prove this. To falsify such documents is against Gorean law.

Exotic slaves, such as passion slaves, are slaves bred, not captured. These slaves, born in the pens of a slaver from selected breeding slaves, are bred for particular traits. There are various types of exotics bred by Gorean slavers, bred for almost any purpose, although some of these purposes seem to be little more than to produce quaint or unusual specimens. "The feminine type of male silk slave, incidentally, for better or for worse, is seldom selected for breeding purposes. Gorean slave breeders, perhaps benighted in this respect, prefer what they take to be health to what they think of as sickness, and what they take to be strength to what they deem weakness. Some female slaves, incidentally, have a pedigreed lineage going back through several generations of slave matings, and their masters hold the papers to prove this. It is a felony in Gorean law to forge or falsify such papers. Many Goreans believe that all women are born for the collar, and that a woman cannot be truly fulfilled as a woman until a strong man puts it on her, until she finds herself reduced to her basic femaleness at his feet. In the case of the bred female slave, of course, she has been legally and literally, in anyone's understanding, bred to the collar, and in a full commercial and economic sense, as a business speculation on the part of masters. The features most often selected for by the breeders are beauty and passion. It has been found that intelligence, of a feminine sort, as opposed to the pseudomasculine type of intelligence often found in women with large amounts of male hormones, is commonly linked, apparently genetically, with these two hitherto mentioned properties. There are few male slaves with long pedigrees. Goreans, through recognizing the legal and economic legitimacy of male slavery, do not regard it as possessing the same biological sanction as attaches to female slavery. The natural situation, in the mind of many Goreans, is that the master set/slave relation is one which ideally exists between man and woman, with the woman in the property position. Male slaves, from time to time, can receive opportunities to win their freedom, though, to be sure, usually in situations of high risk and great danger. Such opportunities are never accorded to the female slave. She is totally helpless. If she is to receive her freedom it will be fully and totally, and only, by the decision of her master. — Savages of Gor, pages 69-70.

Ho-Hak's right ear twitched. His ears were unusual, very large, and with extremely long lower lobes, drawn lower still by small, heavy pendants set in them. He had been a slave, doubtless, and doubtless, judging by the collar, and the large hands and broad back, had served on the galleys, but he had been an unusual slave, a bred exotic, doubtless originally intended by the slave maters for a destiny higher than that of the galley bench. There are various types of "exotics" bred by Gorean slavers, all of whom are to be distinguished from more normal varieties of bred slaves, such as a Passion Slaves and Draft Slaves. Exotics may be bred for almost any purpose, and some of these purposes, unfortunately, seem to be little more than to produce quaint or unusual specimens. Ho-Hak may well have been one so bred. "You are an exotic," I said to him. Ho-Hak's ears leaned forward toward me, but he did not seem angry. He had brown hair, and brown eyes; the hair, long, was tied behind his head with a string of rence cloth. He wore a sleeveless tunic of rence cloth, like most of the rence growers. "Yes," said Ho-Hak. "I was bred for a collector." — Raiders of Gor, pages 15-16.

• Virginity Status The status being virgin and non-virgin. However, a virgin slave can be trained as a pleasure slave, and categorized as such, as in the case of Doreen in Dancer of Gor. Refer below to the section on red-silk girls and white-silk girls. I heard myself characterized as being "semitrained." … "Category," I heard, "—Pleasure Slave." When I heard this categorization, so matter-of-factly given, concluding the fellow's recounting of attributes and features, measurements and such, I was suddenly, inordinately, startled. I had known, of course, I was not a house slave, or a tower slave, for I was not permitted to kneel in fashions appropriate to those varieties of slave. Too, I had understood, of course, that many of the things I was taught seemed to have direct application to the pleasing of masters, and even profoundly sensuously so, but I had not, until now, heard that exact simple, direct expression. We had never been told, in so many words, that that was the sort of slave we were. Perhaps the Gorean girls had understood, clearly enough, but I do not think we girls of Earth had, at least not is so direct a way, not in the way, certainly, which seemed to be summarized so clearly and succinctly by that one expression. Ulrick had not even told me the sort of slave I was. He had laughed, and informed me that I would learn from men. — Dancer of Gor, pages 129-130.

While most have no doubt read of Darleen's training in this new world she was kidnapped and carried off to, through her beautiful virgin dance and then the climax of it all, the winning ostraka and the man who would first use her, no doubt there are some who have not. So, to wipe away any doubt as to whether or not Darleen was indeed a virgin trained as a pleasure slave… Then I felt him, and I could not have stopped him, had I wished to do so, as I was chained, remove the white-silk ribbon from my collar. In a moment he had fastened something else there, in its place, doubtless another ribbon, doubtless the red-silk ribbon which had been given to him earlier by Mirus. He jerked it down on the collar, snugly. He was then, I think, crouching near me. I pulled at the manacles. I was helpless. There was another trickle of blood on my leg. He put his thumb in this and scrawled a "Kef" on my belly, the first letter of "Kajira." — Dancer of Gor, page 210. "It is your attestation paper, together with your white ribbon, being nailed to the wall in the vestibule of the tavern," she said. "It is there now with mine, and Sita's, and those of some of the other girls." — Dancer of Gor, page 211. The former Doreen Williamson's virginity had been raffled off. And so too, had her first uses. I supposed that Teibar, who had been my capture master, who had caught me on Earth, and brought me here to be a slave, would have found that amusing, his "modern woman" being taught her sex on Gor. — Dancer of Gor, page 213.

• Specific Training In truth, there are few slaves on Gor which were trained pleasure slaves. A pleasure slave is more than merely a girl that is used for sexual gratification. In fact, the slave girl who is a pleasure slave, has gone through extensive training in the arts of pleasing, subject to an accreditation process by a slaver's house. I heard myself characterized as being "semitrained." Was that all my training in the house counted for, I wondered, rising so early, retiring so late, the busy days, the long lessons, their frequency, variety and intensiveness, administered to us morning, noon and night? I then wondered if this, like the claims made with respect to my Gorean, were intended to be precautionary, or conservative, perhaps to avoid possible subsequent difficulties with disappointed buyers. But this time I did not think so. I had some inkling, by now, given my training in the house, of the sorts of things which could be involved in "training," many of which we had not even had time to touch upon. I was sure that given the possibilities of slave service I was still very naïve and backward, still muchly uninformed. Indeed, I suspected that there would always be more to learn about service and love, that such things were fathomless and limitless, and, thus, in a sense, the notion of being "fully trained," or knowing all there was to know, was in actuality less of a practical goal than a lovely ideal, one which might perhaps be approached ever more closely, but would never be, and perhaps should never be, fully attained. Let the girl revel in her growth, and not fear that one day there will be more to learn, nowhere else to go. There are no summits on the heights of love. Ulrick, however, had assured me in the house, once, that I had talent. I hoped so. Such, among the imperious masters of this world, might improve my chances for survival. I did have a live body, some understanding of my womanhood, and a desire to please men. I looked down into some of the faces below me, behind the railing, across the dirt, across the tarsk run. I had better be pleasing to such men, I thought, shuddering. Then I moaned to myself. Teibar was not here. I was alone. What was I doing here? Why was I brought here, to this world? My wrists hurt, held up so high in the steel. Were the men not being cruel to me? Could they not see I was naked, and helpless? "Category," I heard, "—Pleasure Slave." When I heard this categorization, so matter-of-factly given, concluding the fellow's recounting of attributes and features, measurements and such, I was suddenly, inordinately, startled. I had known, of course, I was not a house slave, or a tower slave, for I was not permitted to kneel in fashions appropriate to those varieties of slave. Too, I had understood, of course, that many of the things I was taught seemed to have direct application to the pleasing of masters, and even profoundly sensuously so, but I had not, until now, heard that exact simple, direct expression. We had never been told, in so many words, that that was the sort of slave we were. Perhaps the Gorean girls had understood, clearly enough, but I do not think we girls of Earth had, at least not is so direct a way, not in the way, certainly, which seemed to be summarized so clearly and succinctly by that one expression. Ulrick had not even told me the sort of slave I was. He had laughed, and informed me that I would learn from men. Now, it seemed, on the sales block, I had done so. I threw back my head, and moaned. The chain overhead tightened and I was pulled up a little more, so that only my toes were on the block. — Dancer of Gor, pages 129-130.

Other classes of slaves, too, must go through training processes. An example are slaves who are dancers. While most dancers are also pleasure slaves first, dancer is a sub-class earned again through extensive training. It's important to remember that any slave girl can be commanded to dance, but that does not earn her the classification of dancer. Only those slaves who have been certified in this art by a recognized school are truly dancers. Dancers bring high prices, and the life of the dancer is one precarious, for she must ensure her dancing skills are always highly honed. Some cities will throw dancers thought to be not fully pleasing to the patrons to tear to pieces. Dancers are often sold, and passed through many a master, many a collar. "Dancers bring high prices on Gor. Some slavers specialize in dancers, renting them, and buying and selling them. Two such houses in Ar are those of Kelsius and Aurelius. Some say that the finest dancers on Gor are found in Ar; others say that they are found in Port Kar, and others that they are in the Tahari, or in Turia. These controversies, I think, are fruitless. I have been in many cities and in each I have found marvelous dancers. The matter is further complicated by the buying and selling of girls and their shipment, as merchandise, among cities. A dancer has usually had many masters; her fair throat has been graced by many collars. In some cities if a dancer is not thought to have been sufficiently pleasing she is thrown to the patrons of the tavern to be torn to pieces or beaten. If she is thought to have been sufficiently pleasing she may be auctioned, for the period of an Ahn, to the highest bidder." — Explorers of Gor, page 343.

• Specific Usage This element of classification pertains neither to the status of virginity nor training, but is more a culture-specific element. Despite that a girl may have been trained as a pleasure slave, she may well have been purchased by the owner of, say, a mill, to work as a mill slave, or sold to another cultural region of Gor, perhaps the Wagon Peoples, and will earn her life tending bosk.

Red Silks and Yellow Silks, the True Story

So what is a red silk girl? A white silk girl? A yellow silk? This is one of the greatest of all onlinisms, using silk colors to designate their level of training, which is yet another onlinism. There were no levels of training on Gor. At least, not in the degree and preciseness that virtual chat rooms on Gor implement for the average citizen. Training programs within a slavers house, however, did exist, but those slaves which attended such training were slaves owned by the house, although with the right coin, one could have their slave put through specialized training.

On Gor, certain expressions are used to more clearly express a slave's virginal status and not the livery worn. For example, the term white silk designates a girl that is a virgin, or one who has not yet been opened to the uses of men, and red silk, as a girl that simply, is no longer a virgin, or one who has been opened to the uses of men. See how these terms are ludicrous used on male slaves? As for yellow silk? It's merely the color of silks worn by any slave girl, often those of a slaver's house, though the use of white in slave attire may mean something, or may not, depending on the local custom. As we learned earlier, a "white-silk" girl, or, glana or metaglana, a virgin, can be trained as a pleasure slave. Of course, her training is not as complete as a "red-silk" girl, or, falarina or profalarina, a non-virgin; her training will continue once she has been first used. The categories are rather more semantic than descriptive of garmenture. "The buyers were also informed that I was 'glana,' or a virgin. The correlated term is 'metaglana,' used to designate the state to which the glana state looks forward, or that which it is regarded as anticipating. Though the word was not used of me I was also 'profalarina', which term designates the state proceeding, and anticipating, that of 'falarina,' the state Goreans seem to think of as that of being a full women, or, at least, as those of Earth might think of it, one who certainly is no longer a virgin. In both terms, 'glana' and 'profarina', incidentally, it seems that the states they designate are regarded as immature or transitory, those of 'metaglana' or 'falarina.' Among slaves, not free women, those things are sometimes spoken of along the lines as to whether or not a girl has been 'opened' for the uses of men. Other common terms, not generally of slaves, are 'white silk' and 'red silk', for girls, who have not yet been opened, or have been opened, for the uses of men, respectively." — Dancer of Gor, page 128.

Here is made mention of White Silk Girls and Red Silk Girls designated by the stripings on their clothings, utilized by a slaver's house for slaves who were released from the house to venture upon the streets on errands and such. Note, that while in the house, all slaves wore white; it was not until they were taken from the house into the city, that such stripings were necessary. The men who worked within the slaver's house would, of course, know which girls were virgins and which girls were not. Virgin girls may be trained for sale or gifting to an important person, such as a Ubar, and this "protects" the virgin slave from rape. However, protection of the slave from slave rape is not always the reasoning; oftentimes it is to let the men know which slave is more trained, which slave will be more satisfying in the furs. "Some of the girls, judging by the stripes on the hoods and cloaks were White Silk, and others Red Silk. The White Silk Girls, of course, having been released from the house, would have been placed in locked, iron belts." — Assassin of Gor, page 147.

"And here," said Ute, "lest the ardor of the men become too strong, this!" The girls laughed. She took a white, silken ribbon and wrapped it five times about the collar, not tying it. I had been marked white silk. — Captive of Gor, page 323.

Perhaps this might be a possibility of the whys and hows virtual chat rooms began tagging girls as colors specific to a slave girl's abilities or rank in a camp or city, or to demonstrate her degree of training. "At the wall on my right there were fifteen slave rings. To each, on furs, there was chained, by the left ankle, a bare-breasted girl about whose waist there was knotted a scarlet cord, in which was thrust a long, narrow rectangle of red silk. About their throats were matching red-enameled collars. Their lips were rouged and they wore eye-shadow. Some glistening red substance had been sprinkled on their hair. Following the meal, I understood, in the House of Cernus, is a time for the pleasure and recreation of the men. There are games and sports, and wagers and song. Paga and Ka-la-na are then, when Cernus would leave, brought forth. The meal was served by slave girls in white tunics, each wearing a white-enameled collar. These would be girls in training, some of them perhaps White Silk Girls, being accustomed to the routines and techniques of serving at table." — Assassin of Gor, pages 87-88. "Now the girls in white tunics began to serve the strong beverages of Gor, and the festivities of the evening began. The Musicians began to play, and the girls in Pleasure Silk, hands over their heads, lifted themselves slowly to the melody, their bodies responding to it as though to the touch of a man." — Assassin of Gor, pages 90-91.

"There are two tiny yellow bands on your collar," I said. "That is because I am a 'yellow girl,'" she said. "There are also two yellow bands on the lock," I said. "Our collars are color coded to the locks and chains," she said. "What other sorts of girls are there here?" I asked. "There are five color-coded collars," she said, "red, orange, yellow, green and blue. Each color permits a girl a different amount of freedom in the tracks." "Explain to me the color system," I said. "Blue is most limited," she said. "Green may go where blue may go, and further. I am a yellow. I may go where blue and green may go, but, too, I have access to areas beyond theirs. I may not go as far as the orange collar permits. Where I am stopped, they may continue. The maximum amount of freedom is enjoyed by a girl who wears a collar with two red bands." — Beasts of Gor, page 394-395. She was a "yellow." I needed a "red." — Beasts of Gor, page 397.

• Red Silk Girl A red silk girl, is simply a girl that is no longer a virgin, or "has been opened" to men. Not all red silk girls, however, are pleasure slaves. Often, one will find on virtual Gor, the reference to a red silk girl as a pagar, or pleasure slave, which is not correct. A red silk girl is any girl, no matter what sort of training she has had, that is no longer a virgin. Pleasure slaves, or pagar kajirae are few on Gor. A red silk girl does not necessarily wear red-colored silks. Cernus smiled." Our Physicians ascertained," said he, "that she is only a Red Silk Girl." — Assassin of Gor, page 45.

"Is she to be sold red-silk?" I asked Samos. He looked at the girl. "Yes," he said. The guards grinned. "I thought you said I would be stripped and branded," she said, laughing. "Then," I said, "you will be raped, and taught your womanhood. When you have learned your womanhood, you will be caged. Later you will be sold." — Beasts of Gor, page 26.

"Before she is delivered to Samos," Cernus was saying, "I think I will have her returned to the house and use her. She intrigued me this evening. Since she is Red Silk Samos will not object." I said nothing. — Assassin of Gor, page 310.

"Also," said Cernus, "it is understood by me that you picked up one of my girls on the street." "Do you object?" I asked. Cernus smiled. "Our Physicians ascertained," said he, "that she is only a Red Silk Girl." "I scarcely supposed," said I, "that you would permit a White Silk Girl to go alone on the streets of Ar." Cernus chuckled. "Indeed not," he said. "The risk is too much, sometimes as much as ten gold pieces." — Assassin of Gor, page 44-45.

"I hope she is red silk," said the other. "If she is not when we apprehend her," said the other, "by the time we turn her over to Haakon she will be of the reddest of silks." "Haakon might not be pleased," said the other.The first laughed. "Haakon does not know which girl is red silk and which is white silk." "That is true," grinned the other. "Besides," pointed out the first, "do you really think Haakon expects us to return white silk girls to his chain?" — Captive of Gor, page 242.

"There is a stain of blood on your thigh," I said. "My Master took my virginity," she said. "You are now a red-silk girl," I said. — Explorers of Gor, page 200.

• White Silk Girl A white silk girl, is simply a girl that is a virgin, or, "has not yet been opened" to men. However, just because a girl was white silk, did not mean she had to be demure. Often the white silk girl was nude, and even, too, knelt in the position of a pleasure slave. Often, one will find on virtual chat Gor, the reference to a white silk girl as a restricted slave, which is not exactly correct. Often times a white silk girl is merely raped to make her a red silk girl, thus making her ready for auction. Other times, however, when a particular white silk girl is intended for purchase by a specific customer of high importance, keeping her safely a virgin is tantamount. Although she may be kept naked, and if she were being trained as that of a pleasure slave and thus would be kneeling in the thighs spread position, she would most often be kept in a chastity belt. A white silk girl does not necessarily wear white-colored silks. "I recalled that Ulrick had told me that certain kinds of slaves, house slaves, "tower slaves," and such, whatever they were, might kneel with their knees together, but I had also been informed that I, and the other girls, were not such slaves. For us, at any rate, for whatever sort of slave we were, the open-kneed position was commanded." — Dancer of Gor, page 83, an excerpt of thoughts by Doreen, a "white silk" or, as more commonly known, a virgin

"Some of the girls, judging by the stripes on the hoods and cloaks were White Silk, and others Red Silk. The White Silk Girls, of course, having been released from the house, would have been placed in locked, iron belts." — Assassin of Gor, page 147.

"Roasted tarsks on long spits were borne to the tables on the shoulders of nude slave girls. Girls still in training, unclothed as well, served wine this night of feasting." — Assassin of Gor, page 311.

"I had heard them talk of what they would do to a girl, even though she might be white silk!" — Captive of Gor, page 244.

"But," had said Ute, "if a man seizes you, you are not to yield yourself to him, for you are white silk." "Cry out,' said Ute, "and others will take you from him and get him a red-silk girl." — Captive of Gor, page 306-307.

"Also," said Cernus, "it is understood by me that you picked up one of my girls on the street." "Do you object?" I asked. Cernus smiled. "Our Physicians ascertained," said he, "that she is only a Red Silk Girl." "I scarcely supposed," said I, "that you would permit a White Silk Girl to go alone on the streets of Ar." Cernus chuckled. "Indeed not," he said. "The risk is too much, sometimes as much as ten gold pieces." — Assassin of Gor, page 44-45.

The girl turned and withdrew, then approached again, climbing the stairs, delicately, as though timidly, head down. Then she leaned forward, bending her knees slightly, her body graceful, and spoke, her voice a whisper in my ear, an invitation, "Wine, Master?" as though offering not wine, but herself. In a large house, with various slave girls, it is thought only an act of courtesy on the part of a host to permit a guest the use of one of the girls for the evening. Each of the girls considered eligible for this service, at one time or another during the evening, will approach the guest and offer him wine. His choice is indicated by the one from whom he accepts wine. I looked at the girl. Her eyes met mine, softly. Her lips were slightly parted. "Wine, Master?" she asked."Yes," I said, "I will have wine." She poured the diluted wine into my cup, bowed her head and with a shy smile, backed gracefully down the stairs behind me, then turned and hurried away. "Of course," said Ho-Tu, "you may not have her tonight, for she is White Silk." — Assassin of Gor, page 89.

He suddenly seized me by the arms and lifted me to face him. Suddenly, with terror, I realized I was going to be raped. "She is white silk!" said the other guard, laughing uproariously. The other girls, leashed behind him, were laughing. — Captive of Gor, page 95.

"When will you use me?" I asked."You are white silk," he had said, and turned away. — Captive of Gor, page 106.

"I hope she is red silk," said the other. "If she is not when we apprehend her," said the other, "by the time we turn her over to Haakon she will be of the reddest of silks." "Haakon might not be pleased," said the other. The first laughed. "Haakon does not know which girl is red silk and which is white silk." "That is true," grinned the other. "Besides," pointed out the first, "do you really think Haakon expects us to return white silk girls to his chain?" — Captive of Gor, page 242.

"I lifted her head, and took her in my arms. She trembled. I kissed her upon the lips. Her body, that of a white-silk girl, fresh to the collar, was terribly frightened." — Hunters of Gor, page 95.

"There were no 'white silk' girls on board; we were all 'red silk.' This was not unusual. There are few virgin slaves. Their virginity usually does not last more than an Ahn beyond their first sale." — Slave Girl of Gor, page 317.

"I am a virgin," she said."You are white-silk," I said."Please do not use that vulgar expression of me," she begged. — Beasts of Gor, page 120.

"Are you white silk?" I asked. "I am virgin," she said."Then you are white silk," I said. — Explorers of Gor, page 172.

Even white silk girls had to concern themselves with slave rape: "I had heard them talk of what they would do to a girl, even though she might be white silk!" — Captive of Gor, page 244.

"But," had said Ute, "if a man seizes you, you are not to yield yourself to him, for you are white silk.""Cry out,' said Ute, "and others will take you from him and get him a red-silk girl." — Captive of Gor, page 306-307.

Classifications of Slaves

Following is a work in progress listing of the classifications of slaves mentioned in the books. This list too, once in "entirety" would still not cover all of the possibilities. A complete list would be endless, covering the many cultural and language differences found on Gor.

• Bath Girl Slave girls trained specifically to work the baths, both private and city-owned. "Are the girls who attend to the baths during the day as beautiful as it is said?" I inquired. The bath girls of Turia are almost as famous as those of Ar. — Nomads of Gor, page 188.

Nela was a sturdy girl, a bit short. She had wrapped about her a piece of toweling. Her eyes were blue. She was a magnificent swimmer, strong and vital. Her blond hair was cut very short to protect it from the water; even though, in swimming, such girls often wrapped a long broad strap of glazed leather about their head, in a turban of sorts. Beneath the toweling Nela wore nothing; about her neck, rather than the common slave collar, she, like the other bath gifts, wore a chain and plate. On her plate was the legend: I am Nela of the Capacian Baths. Pool of Blue Flowers. I cost one tarsk. Nela was an expensive girl, though there were pools where the girls cost as much as a silver tarn disk. The tarsk is a silver coin, worth forty copper tarn disks. All the girls in the Pool of Blue Flowers cost the same, except novices in training who would go for ten or fifteen copper tarn disks. There were dozens of pools in the vast, spreading Capacian Baths. In some of the larger pools the girls went as cheaply as one copper tarn disk. For the fee one was entitled to use the girl as he wished for as long as he wished, his use, of course, limited by the hours of the pool's closing.The first time I had seen Nela, several days ago, she had been playing in the pool alone, rolling about. It took but one glance and I dove into the water, swam to her, seized her by the ankle and dragged her under, kissing her, rolling about beneath the surface. I liked the lips and feel of her and when we broke surface, she and I laughing, I asked her how much she went for. "For a tarsk," she laughed, and turned about, looking at me, "but you will have to catch me first." I knew this game of bath girls, as though they, mere slaves, would dare to truly flee from one who pursued them, and I laughed, and she, too, sensing my understanding, laughed. The girl commonly pretends to swim away but is outdistanced and captured. I knew that few men could, if a bath girl did not wish it, come close to them in the water. They spend much of the day in the water and, it is said, are more at ease in that element than the Cosian song fish. — Assassin of Gor, pages 160-161.

"After we had kissed we swam together, and then again kissed and swam. Afterwards, Nela gave me the first rubbing, with coarse oils, loosening dirt and perspiration, and scraped me with the thin, flexible bronze strigil; then she gave me the second rubbing, vigorous and stimulating, with heavy toweling; then she gave me the third rubbing, that with fine, scented oils, massaged at length into the skin. … — Assassin of Gor, page 163. "I lay thinking on the thick square of striped toweling and felt her massage the final oils of the bath into my body." — Assassin of Gor, page 165.

"The pools were beautiful, and yet I knew that somewhere, chained in darkness, were gangs of male slaves who cleaned them each night; and there were of course the Bath Girls of Ar, of which Nela was one, said to be the most beautiful of Gor. Harold, as a boy, had once been a slave in the baths, those of the city of Turia, before he had escaped. He had told me that sometimes a Bath Girl, to discipline her, is thrown to the slaves in the darkness." — Assassin of Gor, page 164.

• Below-Deck Girl Slave girls that are kept below decks on a ship in small, tight cages. Below-Deck Girls have their heads completely shaved to keep as free of lice as possible. "How ugly you are, Below-Deck Girl," said one of the girls in a small deck cage. I looked at her. She was auburn-haired, and, like all the slave girls on the Clouds of Telnus, whether cage girls or below-deck girls, stripped; girls are not permitted clothing on a slave ship. — Slave Girl of Gor, pages 323-324.

• Bond Girl This is a term for a slave girl used by the peasant villages. Theirs is a hard slavery, working the fields, pulling the plows, etc. Their collars are usually of binding fibers. "In the feast to come tonight, Eta had warned me, there would be a general exchange of slave girls, the bond girls of the village being made available to my master's men, and his own girls, among whom I was one, being made available to the young lads of the community. We would be run between the huts within the palisade." — Slave Girl of Gor, page 143.

• Bond-Maid This is the term for a slave girl of Torvaldsland, also referred to as a girl whose belly lies under the sword, as the girl sleeps at the foot of her master, literally lying beneath his sword. The men of Torvaldsland draw a circle in the ground, called a "bonds-maid circle." A woman may enter of her own free will, though voluntary is not necessarily so, bound by custom, thus becoming a bond-maid, or slave. Also, these slaves are not locked in the typical locked Gorean collar. Instead, they wear the Torvaldlsand collar, a simple black band that is hammered into a half circle. The girl lays her neck into metal band, then it is formed the rest of the way, hammered and bolted shut. "In the north, my pretty maids," Ivar assured them, "the burdens you carry will be more prosaic, bundles of wood for the fires, buckets of water for the hall, baskets of dung for the fields." They looked at him with horror understanding then what the nature of their life would be. And at night, of course, they would server the feasts of their masters, carrying and filling the great the horns, and delighting them with the softness of their bodies in the furs. — Marauders of Gor, page 47.

"I saw people running down the sloping green land, toward the water. Several came from within the palisade. Among them, white kirtled collared, excited, ran bond-maids. These, upon the arrival of their master, are permitted to greet him. The men of the north enjoy the bright eyes, the leaping bodies, the squealing, the greetings of their bond-maids." — Marauders of Gor, page 82.

"In the north, the bond-maid is sometimes referred to as a woman whose belly lies beneath the sword." — Marauders of Gor, page 87.

The Bond-Maid Circle

The Forkbeard then leaped over the rail of the sanctuary and strode among the people lying on their stomachs, the wall facing the Sardar being eaten by fire, illuminating the interior of the temple. He reached down, here and there, to rip a purse from one of the richer townsfolk. He took the purse of the burgher in black satin, and took, too, from his neck, the silver chain of his office, which he slung about his own neck. He then drew with the handle of his ax a circle, some twenty feet in diameter, in the dirt floor of the circle. It was a bond-maid circle. "Females," he cried, gesturing with the great ax toward the wall opposite the doors, "swiftly! To the wall! Stand with your backs against it!" Terrified, weeping, the men groaning, the females fled to the wall. I saw, standing there, terrified, their backs against it, the blond girl in the scarlet vest and skirt, her hair in the snood of scarlet yarn, tied with filaments of golden wire; and the large statuesque girl, in black velvet, with the silver straps over her breasts, and tied about her waist, with the purse. Ivar Forkbeard, in the light of the burning wall of the temple, quickly examined the line of women. From some he took jewelry, bracelets, necklaces and rings. From others he took purses, hanging at their belts. He tore away the purse from the large blonde girl, and the silver straps, too, which had decorated the black velvet of her gown. She shrank back against the wall. She was large breasted. The men of Torvaldsland are fond of such women. The jewelry and coins which he took he hurled into a golden sacrificial bowl, which one of his men carried at his side. As he went down the line, he freed certain women of the wall, telling them to swiftly return to their place, and lie beneath the ax. Gratefully, they fled to their former places. — Marauders of Gor, pages 43-44. "Go to the bond-maid circle," said Ivar Forkbeard, indicating the circle he had drawn in the dirt. The women cried out in misery. To enter the circle, if one is a female, is, by the laws of Torvaldsland, to declare oneself a bond-maid. A woman, of course, need not to enter the circle of her own free will. She may, for example, be thrown within it, naked and bound. Howsoever she enters the circle, voluntarily, or by force, free or secured, she emerges from it, by the laws of Torvaldsland, as a bond-maid. — Marauders of Gor, pages 44-45.

"Yes," she said "my Jarl." To the bond-maid the meanest of the free men of the North is her jarl. — Marauders of Gor, page 63.

"The brand is, like many, symbolic. In the north, the bond-maid is sometimes referred to as a woman whose belly lies beneath the sword." — Marauders of Gor, page 87. "The man of Torvaldsland never leaves his house unless he is armed; and, within his house, his weapons are always near at hand, usually hung on the wall behind his couch, at least a foot beyond the reach of a bond-maid whose ankle is chained. Should she, lying on her back, look back and up she sees, on the wall, the shield, the helmet, the spear and ax, the sword, in its sheath, of her master. They are visible symbols of the force by which she is kept in bondage, by which she is kept only a girl, whose belly is beneath his sword." — Marauders of Gor, pages 141-142.

• Cage Girl Slave girls on a ship that stay above deck in small cages. They serve the pleasures of the sailors and are much resented by the Below-Deck Girls. "How ugly you are, Below-Deck Girl," said one of the girls in a small deck cage. I looked at her. She was auburn-haired, and, like all the slave girls on the Clouds of Telnus, whether cage girls or below-deck girls, stripped; girls are not permitted clothing on a slave ship. — Slave Girl of Gor, pages 323-324.

• Chamber Slave A slave girl assigned to a guest chamber in a home, such as a slaver's home; not solely used with relation to the Nest of the Priest-Kings. She wore a long, simple sleeveless white robe, which fell gracefully about her in dignified classic folds. About her throat she had gracefully wrapped a scarf of white silk. "I am Vika," she responded, "your slave." — Priest-Kings of Gor, page 34. I slowly unwrapped the white, silken scarf from her throat… As I had expected about her white throat there was fastened, graceful and gleaming, the slender, close-fitting collar of a Gorean slave girl. It was a collar like most others, of steel, secured with a small, heavy lock which closed behind the girl's neck. But on her collar there was not written the name of her owner and his city, as I would have expected. Instead I had read there only the Gorean numeral which would correspond to '708'. "You may do with me what you please," said the girl, turning to face me. "As long as you are in this room I belong to you." — Priest-Kings of Gor, pages 35-36. "I am a Chamber Slave," she said. "It means," she said, irritably, "that I am confined to this room, and that I am the slave of whoever enters the room." — Priest-Kings of Gor, page 36.

"He tells me," said she, "that he has at last bribed the chamber slave in the compartments of Cernus to allow him access to the compartments at given times. — Assassin of Gor, page 178.

• City Slave Not a type of slave. This quote is often posted without the necessary background on why "city slave" is used. In this quote, she was compared to a slave of masters of a peasant village versus a slave of masters of the city. I hated peasants. What idiots they were! There were better things to do with a beautiful slave girl than hitch her to a plow! "The village is not a good place for you, Dina," Turnip had once said to me. "You are a city slave. You should be at a man's feet, in the secrecy of his compartments, collared and chained, curled and purring like a content she-sleen." — Renegades of Gor, page 107.

• Coin Girl This is a slave girl, who, with a coin box and a triangular flat bell chained around her neck, is sent out in the streets to earn money from Masters, usually paga tavern owners, in return for her sexual use. These girls are very aggressive, knowing that if they do not bring home ample coin, they will be beaten severely. However, even a red silk may be forced by their Master to perform as a coin girl as a disciplinary measure. "Coin girls are a form of street slave, usually set into the streets around dusk by their masters, who commonly own several of them, with a chain on their neck, to which would be attached, normally, a bell, to call attention to their whereabouts, and a small, locked coin box. And woe to the girl who returns without coins jangling in the box!" — Renegades of Gor, page 107.

"It is called the Street of the Writhing Slave. It is dark and narrow, and not far from the wharves. It has its name from the fact that most renters of, and dealers in, Coin Girls in Victoria, keep their kennels on this street. The girls of the day, designated by a coiled whip pressed against their left shoulder, wearing their neck chains, with the attached bell and coin box, are sent into the streets in the late afternoon and expected to return before the nineteenth Ahn. And woe to the girl who does not return with a jangling coin box on her neck chain! Some girls, once designated, and locked in their accouterments, kneeling, weeping, scratch even at the insides of the stout gates of their masters' houses, hoping to be sent into the streets early, that their chances of turning a profit for their master, and thus avoiding a beating or torture, may be enhanced. Such a lenience, however, is seldom shown to the girls, as it is against an agreement binding the entrepreneurs engaged in this trade. Sometimes the girls are sent into the streets with their hands braceleted behind their backs. Sometimes they are sent into the streets with their small hands free, that they may use them to please their master's customers. Sometimes a new girl is sent into the streets on a leash, with an older girl, that she may learn how a Coin Girl behaves." — Guardsman of Gor, pages 143-144.

"Use me, Master?" said a coin girl. I looked down at her, a small brunet, half naked in a ta-teera, a slave rag. About her neck, over her collar, close about it, was a chain collar, padlocked shut, with its coin box, and slot. "Master?" she smiled. I was angry. She had doubtless come to a circle, knowing that fellows in need, ones without slaves, such as I, might be found there. Her attitude seemed to me insufficiently respectful. She was not even kneeling. "Oh!" she cried, spinning to the side, cuffed. I snapped my fingers. "There," I said, pointing, indicating a place before me, "kneel there, facing away from me." Swiftly she crawled to the place, obeying. "On your belly," I snapped. Swiftly did she fling herself, a slave who might have been displeasing, in terror, to her belly. I seized her ankles and parted them, widely, pulling her toward me. "Perhaps you deserve a full lashing," I said. "No, please, Master!" she wept. "How much are you?" I asked. "Only a tarsk bit, Master!" she wept. I considered the matter. I could afford that. I dragged her back to me. She gasped, mine. "Oh!" she cried. "Oh! Oh!" Then I thrust her from me, and stood. She was then on her side, looking back at me. She was grasping. I kicked her, angrily, with the side of my foot. She winced. "Forgive me, Master," she wept. "I beg forgiveness!" "Perhaps you will learn manners," I said. "Yes, Master," she said. "Perhaps you will know enough next time to be respectful, and to kneel before men," I said. "Yes, Master," she said. "Forgive me, Master!" I looked down upon her, angrily. I think she feared she might be again cuffed, or kicked. Then he crawled to my feet, and kissed them. Then she looked up at me. "Buy me," she begged, suddenly, "It is to a man such as you that I wish to belong!" I dragged her to her knees by the hair and, she sobbing, trying to hold me, thrust a coin, a tarsk bit, into the I coin box. I then thrust her back to the dirt, on her side, and, turning about, angrily, left her. "Master!" she called after me. "Please, Master!" In a time I turned back to regard her. She was where I had left her, except that she was now kneeling. Her shoulders shook with sobs. She had the coin box, on its chain, lifted in her hands. Her head was down, and her hair fell about the coin box. She pressed her lips to it, again and again, sobbing. I did not think that she was a poor slave. I think rather that she merely needed a strong master. — Magicians of Gor, page 57.

• Display Slave This is a slave girl whose primary purpose is for the display of her beauty to reflect the affluence of her Master. She is often chained in a coffle with other display slaves behind the palaquin or other transport of her Master. The display slave is not generally used sexually and is usually untrained in the ways of a pleasure slave. "She is already branded," said the auctioneer, "but has served primarily as a display slave, and not a use slave." He then turned her, still keeping his hand in her hair so that those on his left might better see her. "Accordingly," he said, "she is not yet fully broken to the collar." There was laugher fromthe crowd. He then turned her so that those on his right might better see her. "In my opinion," said he, "it is now time for this girl to learn the various uses to which a slave can be put." Yes!" shouted more than one fellow. He then, as she gasped, bend her back a bit more, turing her again toward her left, so that she was presented exquistitely to the men. "Does she not appear ready for taming and heating?" inquired the auctineer. — Rogue of Gor, pages 81-82.

"Do not," I said. "You do not know what it is to be slave." "I have been a slave," she said. "You were only a display slave," I said. "You were not a full slave. You do not have the least idea of what it would be to be a full slave." "Collar me, and teach me," she said. "You are a woman of Earth," I said. "I have no intention of abusing you." — Rogue of Gor, page 124.

"The palanquin of Oneander, a salt and leather merchant of Ar, had been passing. To the rear of the palanquin, in a double coffle of briefly tunicked beauties, display slaves, their hands braceleted behind their backs, had been the girl who now knelt before me." — Guardsman of Gor, page 162.

"I had never been chained by the neck to a man's stirrup. I wondered what it would be like. I supposed the matter had to do with the effect he hoped to achieve, perhaps like the silver shield. I gathered I would be a display slave at his stirrup, something like a golden saddle and a purple cloak, something for show." — Dancer of Gor, page 352.

"Too, Aulus had chained me at his stirrup. He had used me as a display slave, to enhance his appearance, to add to the effect he might make when he came into the presence of Pietro Vacchi. It is a use for slaves. I was proud that I had been put at his stirrup. In such small ways a slave may gather that she is exciting and beautiful." — Dancer of Gor, page 367.

"Too, Aulus had chained me at his stirrup. He had used me as a display slave, to enhance his appearance, to add to the effect he might make when he came into the presence of Pietro Vacchi. It is a use for slaves. I was proud that I had been put at his stirrup. In such small ways a slave may gather that she is exciting and beautiful. " — Dancer of Gor, pages 367.

"But he had, it seems, relented, acceding to her piteous entreaties, at length accepting her as the slave she begged to be, for earlier this evening, she in a position of the display slave, at her master's stirrup, given her exposure, there had been no mistaking the brand on her thigh, the common Kajira mark." — Vagabonds of Gor, page 403.

• Exotic Slaves Slaves bred for particular deforming traits which are considered to be appealing, such as a physical deformity to things more subtle as poisonous saliva; very rare. Passion Slaves are technically an exotic. There are various types of "exotics" bred by Gorean slavers, all of whom are to be distinguished from more normal varieties of bred slaves, such as a Passion Slaves and Draft Slaves. Exotics may be bred for almost any purpose, and some of these purposes, unfortunately, seem to be little more than to produce quaint or unusual specimens. "You are an exotic," I said to him. "Yes," said Ho-Hak. "I was bred for a collector." — Raiders of Gor, page 15-16.

In the corridor we passed another woman. Both, interestingly, wore long, rather graceful white gowns, and had their hair bound back with bands of white silk. Neither had worn collars. "Are they slaves?" I asked Ho-Tu. "Of course," said Ho-Tu. We saw another woman. We had not yet seen a man in this corridor. Ho-Tu turned into a side corridor and we found ourselves, to my surprise, looking through a huge rectangle of glass, some twelve feet high and perhaps fifteen feet wide; it was one of a dozen such panels I could see in the corridor. Beyond the glass I looked into what seemed to be a Pleasure Garden, lit by energy bulbs radiant in its lofty ceiling. There were various hues of grass, some secluded pools, some small trees, a number of fountains and curving walks. I heard the music of a lute from somewhere. Then I stepped back for I noted, coming along one of the curving walks, two lovely girls, clad in white, their hair bound back with white silk; they were quite young; perhaps less than eighteen. "Do not fear," said Ho-Tu. "They cannot see you." I studied the glass that separated us. The two girls strolled near the glass and one of them, lifting her hands behind her head, studied her reflection gravely in the mirror, retying the band of silk which confined her hair. "On their side of the glass," said Ho-Tu, "it seems a mirror.""It is an invention of the Builders," said Ho-Tu. "It is common in slave houses, where one may wish to observe without being observed." "Can they hear us?" I whispered. "No," said Ho-Tu. Now one of the girls laughed and pushed the other and then turned and fled, pursued by the other, also laughing. I looked at Ho-Tu sharply. "There is a system of sound baffles," said he. "We can hear them but they cannot hear us." I regarded the two girls running off. Beyond them I could see some others. Two of them were playing catch with a red ball. There seemed to me something strange about these girls, though they were beautiful. They seemed, in a way, simple, very childlike. "Are they slaves?" I asked Ho-Tu. "Of course," said Ho-Tu, adding, "but they do not know it.""I do not understand," I said. I could now see the girl playing the lute. She was lovely, as were the others. She was strolling about one of the pools. Two other girls, I now saw, were lying by the pool, putting their fingers in the water, making circles in the water. "These are exotics," said Ho-Tu. That expression is used for any unusual variety of slave. Exotics are generally quite rare. "In what way?" I asked. I myself had never eared much for exotics, any more than I cared much for some of the species of dogs and goldfish which some breeders of Earth regarded as such triumphs. Exotics are normally bred for some deformity which is thought to be appealing. On the other hand, sometimes the matter is much more subtle and sinister. For example it is possible to breed a girl whose saliva will be poisonous; such a woman, placed in the Pleasure Gardens of an enemy, can be more dangerous than the knife of an Assassin. Perhaps Ho-Tu guessed my line of thought, for he laughed. "No, No!" he said. "These are common wenches, though more beautiful than most." "Then in what way are they exotic?" I asked. Ho-Tu looked at me and grinned. "They know nothing of men," said he. "You mean they are White Silk?" I asked. He laughed. "I mean they have been raised from the time they were infants in these gardens. They have never looked on a man. They do not know they exist." "Their life is very pleasant, and very easy," said Ho-Tu. "They have no duties other than to seek their own pleasure." "And then?" I asked."They are very expensive," said Ho-Tu. "Normally the agent of a Ubar who has been victorious in battle will purchase one, for his high officers, to be brought to the victory feast." Ho-Tu looked at me. "The attendants, when the girl is purchased, give her a drug in her food that night, and remove her from the gardens. She is kept unconscious. She will be revived at the height of the Ubar's victory feast, commonly to find herself unclothed in a cage of male slaves set up among the tables." I looked back at the girls through the glass. "Not infrequently," said Ho-Tu, "they go mad, and are slain the following morning." "And if not?" I asked. "Commonly," Said Ho-Tu, "they will seek out a female slave, one who reminds them of the attendants in the garden, and this woman will comfort them, and explain to them what they are, that they are women, that they are slaves, that they must wear a collar and that they must serve men. — Assassin of Gor, pages 114-116.

Following this more business was conducted. I remember among this business arose the matter of more than one hundred exotic slaves from the House of Cernus, the white-robed girls who had been raised without the knowledge of the existence of men. "They know nothing of slavery," said Marlenus. "Let them not learn now." The girls would be treated gently, and brought well into the world of Gor, with as much tenderness as so harsh a society permitted, being freed and domiciled individually with Gorean families, whose households did not contain slaves. — Assassin of Gor, page 398.

• Feast Slave Trained slaves to work at large feasts. "But even there the state not unoften utilizes trained feast slaves, rented from carious establishments or, upon certain occasions, even the girls from a Ubar's own pleasure gardens." — Magicians of Gor, page 377.

• Fetch-and-Carry Girl A slave that is assigned to bring food and water to laboring slaves. It's a position of privilege, and often, a smug girl would find herself pulling the oars, while another girl becomes the fetch-and-carry girl. "We relieved the caught beauties of the coffle and chained them, four to a bench, to certain of the thwarts of one of the galleys. Oars we then thrust in their hands, four girls to one oar, that they might be able to move the levers. There were enough girls, in this arrangement, for five oars to a side with one girl left over, who could carry food and water to her laboring sisters. A long chain was run lengthwise in the galley and fastened to rings at both stem and stern. The left ankle of the extra girl, the fetch-and-carry girl, who was already in wrist rings, joined by a foot of chain, was then locked in one of two ankle shackles, joined by about eighteen inches of chain. The right ankle shackle was then passed under the long chain and snapped shut about her right ankle. She was thus, by her lovely legs and body, and shackled ankles, literally fastened about the long chain, which served then as a slave's run-chain, permitting her movement, but strictly, by intent, controlling its scope. She might move back and forth, lengthwise in the galley, and to the benches, performing her labors, but could not leave the vessel or, indeed, even touch its bulwarks. Too, it did not permit her to move as far as its rudder. On this galley, the floating prison for the talunas, both those on the benches, chained to the thwarts, and the fetch-and-carry girl, we put five askaris, one for the rudder, for the river galley is single ruddered, and four, should the girls at the oars require encouragement, or the fetch-and-carry girl be in any way not completely pleasing, with whips." — Explorers of Gor, pages 456-458. "I think that many of the talunas did not realize that their labors at the oar were intended to be temporary. Before the first Ahn was out many were sweating and moaning, with pain, begging that they might be released, to be taught the more typical, softer labors of the female slave. It was hard to blame them for the oar of a river galley is normally drawn by a strong man. If the journey had not been downriver I do not think it would have been practical to put them at oars at all. The fetch-and-carry girl, of course, scolded the talunas for their weakness. The next day, however, it was she herself who sweated at an oar, crying out in pain under the whips of the vigilant askaris, while another took her place. She had not realized that the fetch-and-carry girl would be changed daily. In this way no taluna would have to spend more than forty consecutive days at an oar. It had not taken the original fetch-and-carry girl more than an Ahn at the oar, incidentally, before she, too, had begged to be relieved of its pain, that she might be taught lighter duties, even those involving perfumes and silks, more fitting, more suitable, to the bodies and dispositions of female slaves." — Explorers of Gor, pages 457-458.

• Field Slave Slaves which work the farms of a city, or the smaller farms of individual owners. Field slaves can be both male and female. The female field slavee generally wears the ta-teera and has her hair shorn. "… this means one is sent to the Great Farms to be a Field Slave, to cultivate the soil of Tharna in chains until one dies." — Outlaw of Gor, page 105.

"There are girls in peasant villages, and girls on great farms, who cook and carry water to the slave gangs." — Beasts of Gor, page 250.

"Female work slaves, field slaves, stable slaves, and such, like kettle-and-mat girls, are usually considered the lowest of slaves. At any rate, they commonly bring the lowest prices in the markets." — Magicians of Gor, page 306.

" In the softness of the dust, then among the vines, moving across the field, our tharlarion in stately gait, we approached the girl, she at the large wooden tank, filling the vessels which would be slung over her yoke. She wore a brief, brown rag, perhaps from some other girl who had been given something better. Her hair had been cropped rather closely to her head, as is not uncommon with field slaves. She was barefoot and her feet and calves were white with dust. She lifted the large vessel from the tank with both hands, and then, her head down for a moment, rested it on the rim of the tank. She then, after a time, carefully, slowly, lowered it to the ground. It would not do to spill the water. She moved slowly, as though her body might be stiff and sore. I conjectured that her muscles ached. She was not accustomed, I supposed, to such labor." — Magicians of Gor, page 299.

• Fighting Slave Male slaves who fight in the arenas or serve as body guards. "I have not mentioned exotics, incidentally, slaves bred or trained for unusual purposes. I have not mentioned, either, slaves with professional competences, such as medicine or law, or fighting slaves, in effect gladiators, men purchased for use, as bodyguards or combatants in arranged games." — Fighting Slave of Gor, page 165.

• Flute Girl Slaves girls which play the flute for various reasons, usually when someone is being driven from a city, or as a means of distraction. "… their swords had been broken and they had been conducted by common Warriors, to the music of flute girls, a pasang beyond the walls of Ar, and ordered from her environs." — Assassin of Gor, page 393.

• Galley Slaves Generally male prisoners which labor as oarmen in the galleys of ships. The slave who sits at the first oar, or first thwart, is generally the strongest of the slaves and is known as the "First Oar." "Those members of the Caste of Assassins, the most hated caste on Gor, who had served Pa-Kur, were taken in chains down the Vosk to become galley slaves on the cargo ships that ply Gor's oceans." — Tarnsman of Gor, page 215.

"Then, after a time, the last of the slaves had been secured and placed on the barges. The slaves of the men of Port Kar then separated the nets, rolling them, then folding them, then placing them on the barges. They then drew up the planks and took their seats at the rowers' benches, to which, unprotesting, one by one, they were shackled." — Raiders of Gor, page 61.

"I looked down to the slave at the starboard side, he at the first thwart, who would be first oar. — Raiders of Gor, page 83. As I, in the chair of oar-master, faced the bow of the vessel, he, as slave at the benches, faced its stern, and the chair of the oar-master, that which now served me as Ubar's throne, in this small wooden country lost in the marshes of the Vosk's delta. We looked upon one another. Both of his ankles were shackled to the beam running lengthwise of the ship and bolted to the deck; the chain on the shackles ran through the beam itself, through a circular hole cut in the beam and lined with an iron tube; the slaves behind him, as the beam, or beams, passed beneath their thwarts, were similarly secured. The arrangements for the slaves on the starboard side of the barge were, of course, identical. The man was barefoot, and wore only a rag. His hair was tangled and matted; it had been sheared at the base of his neck. About his heck was hammered an iron collar." — Raiders of Gor, page 84.

"… a galley slave… The great merchant galleys of Port Kar, and Cos, and Tyros, and other maritime powers, utilized thousands of such miserable wretches, fed on brews of peas and black bread, chained in the rowing holds, under the whips of slave masters, their lives measured by feedings and beatings, and the labor of the oar." — Hunters of Gor, page 13.

• High Farm Girl Not truly a classification of slave, this is a derogatory term the pampered city silk slaves call bond-maids and peasant slaves. "High-farm girls!" she whispered, as she passed the bond-maids of Ivar Forkbeard. In the south the southern slave girl commonly regards her northern counterparts as bumpkins, dolts from the high farms on the slopes of the mountains of Torvaldsland; she thinks of them as doing little but swilling tarsk and dunging fields; she regards them as, essentially, nothing more than a form of bosk cow, used to work, to give simple pleasure to rude men, and to breed thralls. — Marauders of Gor, page 144.

• House Slave A slave whose primary duties are domestic. See also: Personal Serving Slave and Tower Slave. "I knelt small there by the table, trembling, my head down. I knew I had done wrong, daring to touch Milo, I, he so favored by the master and I only a house slave, but I had been unable to help myself." — Magicians of Gor, page 312.

"She was, after all, a relatively new slave, and had been a house slave, apparently primarily consigned to domestic duties, serving table and such, and was now a field slave, whose primary services would presumably lie in such labors as the carrying of water and the hoeing of suls."

• Kajira Plural: "Kajirae." Literal translation: "Slave Girl." This is not a slave classification, but simply the Gorean word for slave girl. Also the name of one of the most command brands of a slave girl. "Kajira is perhaps the most common expression for a female slave." — Nomads of Gor, pages 29-30.

The brand was the common Kajira mark of Gor, the first letter, about an inch and a half in height and a half inch in width, in cursive script, of the expression 'Kajira', which is the most common expression in Gorean for a female slave." — Explorers of Gor, page 9.

"Tal, Kajirae!" cried one of the men, waving. — Captive of Gor, page 87.

"One of the traces of Earth influence on Gorean, incidentally, in this case, an influence from Latin, occurs in the singular and plural endings of certain expressions. For example, 'kajirus' is a common expression for a male slave as is 'kajira' for a female slave. The plural for slaves considered together, both male and female, or for more than one male slave is 'kajiri.' The plural for female slave is 'kajirae.'" — Magicians of Gor, pages 436-437.

• Kajirus This is not a slave category, but simply the Gorean word for a male slave. In the traditional sense, per the writings of John Norman, male slaves are generally not sexual pets for free women, but are often assigned heavy laborious tasks. Most male slaves are captives of war or criminals and are seen as simply animals of the lowest sense. However, there are instances in which a Free Woman has kept a male slave or two for sexual use. However, because the Free Woman fears Her own slavery, She is rarely satisfied with their use, for yielding to the male slave could put her in great risk, that the slave will turn the tables upon Her, claiming Her as his slave. The male silk slave is very rarely a Gorean male, for they are too dangerous and seldom make good silk slaves. Male silk slaves are usually men of Earth. Refer also to The Kajirus page. "For a male slave, or Kajirus, of the Wagon Peoples, and there are few, save for the work chains…" — Nomads of Gor, page 30.

"… save that the Kajiri, or he-slaves…" — Nomads of Gor, page 59.

"One of the traces of Earth influence on Gorean, incidentally, in this case, an influence from Latin, occurs in the singular and plural endings of certain expressions. For example, 'kajirus' is a common expression for a male slave as is 'kajira' for a female slave. The plural for slaves considered together, both male and female, or for more than one male slave is 'kajiri.' The plural for female slave is 'kajirae.'" — Magicians of Gor, pages 436-437.

• Kettle These slaves work in the kitchens, public and private. "Telima," said Telima, "is not a serving slave." "Kettle Girl," I said. She sniffed. "I would say," laughed Thurnock, grinning, "kettle and mat!" He had one tooth missing on the upper right. I held Telima by the chin, regarding her. "Yes," I said, "doubtless both kettle and mat." — Raiders of Gor, pages 98-99.

"It is hopeless," said Sura, stepping back to us. "Nothing can be done for them. Sell them off a minor block and be done with it. They are kettle girls, only that." Sura dialed the slave goad down, and then switched it off. — Assassin of Gor, page 152.

"There are the girls who staff the public kitchens and laundries." — Beasts of Gor, pages 249-250.

"Where is the Kettle Slave!" I cried. "Here, Master," said Telima, not pleasantly, entering the room and dropping to her knees before me. On her throat as well were wound the five coils of binding fiber, declaring her slave. Of the four girls only she did not wear silk, for she was only a Kettle Slave. She wore a brief tunic only of rep-cloth, already stained with grease and the spatterings of the kitchen. Her hair was not combed, and there was dirt on her knees and face. Her face was tired, and strained, and red, flushed from the heat of the cooking fires. Her hands had been blistered from scrubbing and burned from the cooking, roughened and reddened from the cleaning and the washing of the bowls and goblets. — Raiders of Gor, pages 112-113. "Make a feast," I said, "Kettle Slave." "Yes, Master," she said. — Raiders of Gor, page 113.

We were served by the Kettle Slave, Telima. She poured paga for the men, and Ka-la-na for the women. She tore the bread for us, broke the cheese, ribboned the eels and cut the tarsk. She hurried from one to the other, and the musicians as well, scarcely serving one before being summoned to another. The girls commanded her as well as the men. She was only Kettle Slave and thus, they were of a higher sort than she… I sat cross-legged at the low table, quaffing paga, my left arm about the shoulders of Midice, who, kneeling, snuggled against me. She kissed me. "I will well please you, Master," she said. Then she threw a look of contempt at Telima. "Give me wine," said she, "Slave." — Raiders of Gor, pages 114-115.

"Telima I kept mostly in the kitchens, with the other Kettle Slaves, with instructions to the Kitchen Master that the simplest and least pleasant tasks be hers, and that she be worked the hardest of all. I did, however, specify that it would be she who must personally wait my table and serve my food each night, that I might each night renew my pleasure at finding my former Mistress, weary from her day's labors, soiled and uncombed, in her brief, miserable, stained rep-cloth garment, serving me as Kettle Slave. Following the meal she would retire to my quarters which, on hands and knees, with brush and bucket, she would scrub to the satisfaction of a Whip Slave, with strap, standing over her. Then she would retired again to the kitchens for the work there that would have been left for her, after which, when finished, she would be chained for the night." — Raiders of Gor, pages 131-132.

The Lady Vivina stood before me clad in the garment of a Kettle Slave. "In Cos," I told her, "you would have been Ubara. In my house you will be Kettle Slave." "Kitchen Master!" I called. The man approached the table. "Here," I told him, gesturing to the girl, "is a new girl for the kitchens." — Raiders of Gor, page 233.

• Kettle and Mat Slave girl that works both in the kitchens, public and private, but also serves a master's sexual pleasures. "Kettle" refers to the kitchens, whereas "Mat" refers to pleasuring a man. "Telima," said Telima, "is not a serving slave." "Kettle Girl," I said. She sniffed. "I would say," laughed Thurnock, grinning, "kettle and mat!" He had one tooth missing on the upper right. I held Telima by the chin, regarding her. "Yes," I said, "doubtless both kettle and mat." — Raiders of Gor, pages 98-99.

• Limited Slave Also: Self-Contracted Limited Slave Free women afraid to submit are allowed, on an experimental basis, to self-contract a limited slavery in the eyes of the law with appropriate contract, either oral or written, and understanding of the start and termination dates and that she will be as a legal slave during this timeframe. "A free woman, understandably, cannot even begin to compete with a female slave for a man's love. That is perhaps another reason why free women so hate their vulnerable, imbonded sisters. If a free woman would assure herself of her man's love she could not do better than, in effect, become his slave. She can beg of him, if she senses in herself the true bondage of love, an enslavement ceremony, in which she proclaims herself, and becomes, his slave. In their most secret and intimate relations thereafter she lives and loves as his slave. If a woman fears to do this she may, on an experimental basis, resort to limited self-contracting, in which her documents will contain stated termination dates. Thus, by her own free will, she becomes a slave for a specific period, ranging usually from an evening to a year. The women enters into this arrangement freely; she cannot, of course, withdraw from it in the same way. The reason for this is clear. As soon as the words are spoken, or her signature is placed on the pertinent document, or documents, she is no longer a free person. She is then only a slave, an animal, no longer with any legal powers whatsoever. She is, then, until the completion of the contractual period, until the experiment date of the arrangement, totally subject to the will of her master" — Blood Brothers of Gor, pages 101-102.

• Love Slave The dream of many a slave girl, although in actuality, there are few love slaves. This term is in reference to slave girls who have found, as it is said, their one true love master. The slavery that love slaves are kept in is said to be the most harsh as the man who has been found caring for a mere slave freqently fears to become weak with her. "They are prized, and relished. They become radiant, and zealous, and passionate, hot, devoted and dutiful. They set themselves to win the love of their master, and not unoften they succeed. Many then become the love slaves of love masters. They are kept as slaves, of course, for they are slaves; too, of course, as slaves, they are kept under perfect discipline. She, as other slaves, would not want it any other way. How could she, or any other slave, respect a master too weak to enforce discipline, too weak to get the whole slave from her? They are radiant. They are joyous in their collars. To be sure, not all slaves are love slaves." — Tribesmen of Gor, page 13.

"She is a pretty thing," I said. Samos ran his tongue over his lips. "Yes," he said. "I think you like her," I said. "Nonsense," he said. "She is only a slave." "Perhaps Samos has found a love slave," I said. "An Earth girl?" laughed Samos. "Perhaps," I said. "Preposterous," said Samos. "She is only a slave, only a thing to serve, and to beat and abuse, if it should please me." "But is not any slave," I asked, "even a love slave?" "That is true," said Samos, smiling. Gorean men are not easy with their slaves, even those for whom they care deeply. "I think Samos, first slaver of Port Kar, first captain of the council of captains, has grown fond of a blond Earth girl." Samos looked at me, angrily. Then he shrugged. "She is the first girl I have felt in this fashion toward," he said. "It is interesting. It is a strange feeling." "I note that you did not sell her," I said. "Perhaps I shall," he said. "I see," I said. "The first time, even, that I took her in my arms," said Samos, "she was in some way piteously helpless, different even from the others." "Is not any slave piteously helpless in the arms of her master?" I asked. "Yes," said Samos. "But she seemed somehow different, incredibly so, vulnerably so." "Perhaps she knew herself, in your touch, as her love master," I said. "She felt good in my hands," he said. "Be strong, Samos," I smiled. "I shall," he said. I did not doubt his word. Samos was one of the hardest of Gorean men. The blond Earth girl had found a strong, uncompromising master. — Explorers of Gor, pages 14-15.

"Yes," she cried. "I am your love slave! I have known this from the first time you put me to your feet! If you weighted and wrapped me with a thousand chains and a thousand locks they could not hold me more helplessly than the love I bear you! Alas, I have confessed! Kill me now, if you will!" she put down her head, sobbing. — Dancer of Gor, page 403.

"Yes, Master!" I said. There were tears in my eyes. Obviously I was a full slave to this man. No intention in the least had he of weakening or compromising my bondage. He had not picked me out on Earth to be a half slave. My feelings were very mixed. I was wildly grateful to have been taken, but yet he had given me little time or pleasure. His attentions, and his domination and disciplinary taking, but still I had wept and reveled in it. It was the first such touch, even so arrogant and contemptuous, which my master had granted me. Too, I knew that even though I might be a low slave, as I had little doubt that I was now, and even among the lowest of the low slaves, I was not disheartened, or indeed, even disappointed. First, I knew that women who are kept as low slaves, and even strictly so, are often among the most loved. Many love masters keep their love slaves, for example, as low slaves. I had little doubt that Mirus would keep Tupita as such. She was even braceleted when she left the camp. I knew, too, that even high slaves are occasionally subjected to such imperious uses, which in their way are delicious, just at they might, to their shame, frustration and pleasure, find themselves, occasionally clad in rags and put to disagreeable tasks. Such things remind them that they are slaves, and must obey their masters. Such enforcements, too, tend to be reassuring, and arousing, to a woman. — Dancer of Gor, page 458.

"The love slave is still a slave, you see," I said, "and perhaps more a slave than any other." "Yes," whispered the woman. "She is held in her bondage by the strongest of all bonds," I said, "that of love." — Mercenaries of Gor, page 318.

"For months through assiduous application, through attentiveness and study, through a selfless love and serve, such a woman may labor to convince the brute who owns her that she is worthy to wear his collar. Then perhaps one day he looks down upon her kneeling before him. His hand touches the side of her head. Was it a gentle gesture? She takes his hand and presses her lips, sobbing, fervently to it. He takes her by the arms and presses her back, gently, to the tiles, a love slave. When he is finished with her he takes his whip and orders her to her knees. Perhaps he strikes her, perhaps he puts the whip to her mouth and she kisses it. Well then does she know she is still a slave. He turns away. She, kneeling, her had down, smiles shyly, happily." — Rogue of Gor, page 209.

"It was I, Master," she said. It is common to let the girl who is to spend the night at your feet tend your chamber the preceding day. She scrubs and cleans it, and tidies it. It is not a full day's work and she has hours in it in which she has little to do but wait for the master. She readies herself. She plans. She anticipates. When the master arrives, and she kneels before him, she is eager and anxious, vulnerable and stimulated, well ready both physically and psychologically for the mastery to which she will have no choice but to be joyfully subjected. Even the performance of small servile tasks, such as the polishing of his tarn boats, which she must perform, plays its role in her preparation for the night. The performance of such small tasks teaches her, incontrovertibly, in the depths of her beauty, that she truly belongs to him, and that he is truly her master. She is then well ready when he gestures her to the furs to perform for him exquisitely the most delicious and intimate of her assigned tasks, her most important tasks, those of the helpless love slave. — Beasts of Gor, page 15.

The second reason for the bliss of many slave girls, that sequent upon the appropriateness of bondage for the beautiful woman itself, her female joy in being made to be true to herself, slave, was that, given the flesh transactions in a given city, sooner or later, masters tended to find girls who were, from their point of view, superb slaves, and girls tended to find men who were, from their point of view, marvels as masters. It is a beautiful moment when the woman realizes that the man who owns her is her love master, and the man realizes that the girl he bought, looking up at him, tears in her eyes, is his love slave. Then the only danger is that he will weaken. One must be strong with a love slave. If one truly loves her, he will be that strong. The slavery in which a love slave is kept is an unusually deep slavery. She must serve him with a perfection which would stun and startle other girls; if she should fail in any way, even in so small a way that the lapse would be overlooked in the case of another wench, or bring perhaps a mild word of reprimand, she is likely to be tied at the slave ring and whipped; there is a good reason for this; she is, you see, a love slave; no woman can be more in a man's power; and with no woman must he be stronger. Too, of course, if a relationship should weaken, or not prove enduringly satisfactory, the girl is simply put in cuffs and taken to a market. The relationship which does not prove satisfactory is soon terminated. This termination is completely in the power of the master." — Beasts of Gor, page 236.

You are slave. In actual practice, of course, masters tend to pay a great deal of attention to the thoughts and feelings of their lovely slaves. It is rewarding and delicious to do so. How wonderful it is to know another human being so intimately, especially one one owns. There are no secrets between masters and slaves. Her deepest thoughts and desires, as well as her most trivial fancies and observations are open to him and, because he owns her, of great interest to him. A man is much more likely to be intensely fond of a girl he owns than of a free individual toward whom he stands as a mere contractual relationship. The latter he does not own; the former he does. The owned girl is a valuable; she is precious; this makes her much different from a business partner. For what it is worth, the most intimate and deepest loves I have known have been between masters and their slaves, that between the love master and his love slave." — Explorers of Gor, page 354.

"She was an excellent slave, and would doubtless know many loves, until she, a superb love slave, might at last find herself fallen helplessly and totally into the absolute power of such a man as she had dreamed might exist, he who to her, in the personal and intricate chemistry of couples, would be her ideal master, one powerful, and uncompromising and strict, one capable of seeing that she served well, one capable of whipping her, if need be, but yet one loving and tender, one who would be to her the perfect love master. It did not seem likely that she would be again sold. What would be the point of it?" — Explorers of Gor, page 424.

"The feelings of the young warrior toward his slave were profoundly ambivalent. She was not only the sort of female that he found irresistibly, excruciatingly attractive, as I had known before I had shown her to him the first time, but, to my surprise and delight, there seemed to be a special mystery or magic, or chemistry, between them. Each was a dream come true for the other. She had been, it seems, in some profound genetic sense, born for his chains. They fitted together, like a lock and its key. She loved him profoundly, helplessly, and from the first time she had seen him. He, too, had been smitten. Then he had discovered that she was from Cos, that ubarate which was his hated foe, at the hands of whose mercenary and regular forces he had seen his city destroyed. It was no wonder that in rage he had vowed to make the lovely slave stand proxy for Cos, that he might then vent upon her his fury, and his hatred, for Cos, and all things Cosian. And so it was that he had determined to reduce and humiliate her, and make her suffer, but with each cuffing, with each command, with each kick, with each blow of the whip, she became only the more his, and the more loving. I had know for a long time, even as long ago as the inn of the Crooked Tarn, on the Vosk Road, before the fall of Ar's Station, that she had profound slave needs, but I had never suspected their depth until I had seen her in a camp outside Brundisium, kneeling before Marcus, looking up at him, unbelievingly. She had known then that she was his, and in perfection. I had no doubt they fitted together, in the order of nature, in the most intimate, beautiful and fulfilling relationship possible between a man and a woman, that of love master and love slave. — Magicians of Gor, pages 14-15.

"Excellent slaves are seldom beaten, for there is little, if any, reason to do so. To be sure, such a girl, particularly a love slave, occasionally desires to feel the stroke of the lash, wanting to feel pain at the hands of a beloved master, wanting to be whipped by him because she loves him, in this way symbolizing to herself her relationship to him, that of slave to master, her acceptance of that relationship, and her rejoicing in it. To be sure, she is soon likely to be merely, again, a whipped slave, begging her master for mercy." — Magicians of Gor, pages 124-125.

"She is telling you that Phoebe is jealous of her," I said. Marcus crouched down beside Phoebe. "Is that true?" he asked. "Yes, Master," sobbed Phoebe, her eyes closed. "But you are my love slave," he said to her. She sobbed, with joy. He touched her and she trembled beneath his touch like a vulo. — Magicians of Gor, page 339.

• Lure Girl This is a slave that is used by her owners to entice and entrap a free male; while she holds his undivided attention, he is captured and often sold to labor camps or to ship captains seeking galley slaves. "On the other hand, few men will whip a girl for having pretended not to be attracted to him, if she is actually attracted to him, particularly if she has done so under her master's orders. Such devices, of course, but without the authenticity and ultimate surrender, are often resorted to by 'lure girls,' slaves who serve as bait for captains who need crewmen, masters of work gangs, and such. Such work can be very dangerous, given the astuteness of many Gorean masters. Such a pretense, however, can be maintained with many men for at least a few minutes, and with some men for an hour or so, which is generally more than enough time for the purposes of the master, and the master's men, unobtrusively, are usually near at hand. It is not unknown, of course, for a girl who serves at such a supper, and is genuinely disinterested, or repulsed, by a given guest, to be given to him for the night. Such things can amuse the master and the guest. Too, they tend to be good for the girl's discipline." — Dancer of Gor, pages 244-245.

"He was 'recruiting' for the chains of work masters. To be sure, he must do this work surreptitiously. It would be quite unfortunate for him, I gathered, if he were to be discovered to have been involved in such work. Judges, magistrates, and such, would not be likely to look indulgently on these activities. To be sure, he was not taking risks as great as it might seem. For example, he was not directly, personally involved in these things. The fellows captured would not know where they were being held, nor, hooded and chained, from what place they were taken forth later. Also, I supposed, later on, after he had some more use out of me, he would sell me off in some market or another. He could find himself a new lure girl. Indeed, for all I knew, he might be using others of his girls in these same cruel and delusory labors." — Dancer of Gor, page 306.

"This was the first inkling I had had of what the fellows I had helped to entrap in Argentum might have brought Tyrrhenius. I, twice, had gone for at least five times as much. To be sure, once was because Tyrrhenius had wanted to pick up a good lure girl and once was because Ionicus, or perhaps his agent, acting on a standing policy, had wanted, as a joke, to put me at the service of men I had trapped. If it were not for such things I did not know what I would be likely to sell for, perhaps two silver tarsks." — Dancer of Gor, pages 356-357.

• Message Girl Slave girls that are used as unwitting messengers. Two warriors, guards, held, between them, a dark-skinned slave girl. She had long, black hair. Her arms were bound tightly to her sides, her wrists crossed and bound behind her. They thrust her forward. "A message girl," said one of them. Samos looked at me, quickly. Then to one of those at the table, one who wore the garments of the physicians, he said, "Obtain the message." "Kneel," said Samos. The girl, between the guards, knelt. — Tribesmen of Gor, page 19. She would not know the message she bore. … The member of the caste of physicians, a laver held for him in the hands of another man, put his hands on the girl's head. She closed her eyes. … The physician lifted the girl's long dark hair, touching the shaving knife to the back of her neck. Her head was inclined forward. — Tribesmen of Gor, page 20.

• Mill Slave Slave girls that work the cloth mills. Their slavery is harsh, the days are long, and after their labors, and must still perform for the pleasures of men as well. "There are other girls who work in the mills, chained to their looms." — Beasts of Gor, page 250.

• Mul A human slave of the Priest Kings; they wear the purple tunic of plastic. The Matok has been incorrectly described on many webpages as another sort of slave of the Priest-Kings. "In the Nest," said Misk, "the expression 'Mul' is used to designate a human slave." — Priest-Kings of Gor, page 94.

• Paga Slave Slaves that work the taverns; their use comes with the price of a cup of Paga. There was a flash of slave bells at my side, and a dark-haired, yellow-silked girl, a paga girl, knelt beside us, where we sat cross-legged behind the small table. "Paga, Masters?" — Hunters of Gor, page 46.

"She came through the kitchen door, in the tiny slip of diaphanous yellow silk allotted to paga slaves, bells locked on her left ankle. She was doubtless returning to the floor after her rest, to freshen her for further service. I had not seen her before. She carried a vessel of paga. She was barefoot on the tiles." — Hunters of Gor, page 55.

"There are paga slaves," I said, "who must please their master's customers in his tavern. — Beasts of Gor, page 249.

"I see," she said, "that even though I was once a proud woman of the high city of Treve you have not honored me with binding fiber but have bound my limbs only with the thong of your sandal, as though I might be the lowest tavern slave in Ar — carried off on a wager, a whim or caprice." — Priest-Kings of Gor, page 193.

"In the morning tavern girls sometimes wear work tunics, as certain labors, such as laundering and scrubbing, may be set them. In the afternoon and evening, of course, they are dressed, if they are dressed at all, for the pleasure of the proprietor's customers. Sometimes, particularly in low paga taverns, the girl will be permitted to wear, besides her brand and collar, only perfume, or, if the proprietor wishes, perfume and chains." — Explorers of Gor, page 461.

"Paga," called a man. I hurried to him, carrying the large bronze vessel of paga, on its strap about my shoulder. I knelt and filled his cup. He did not order me to an alcove. I rose and, carrying the vessel of paga, went to the door of the tavern, to step outside, to taste the air. As a paga girl I came with the purchased cup of fluid, but, of course, I, like the others, was only a lovely option; whether I served in an alcove depended entirely on the whim and appetite of the customer. Many men, naturally, came to the tavern only to meet their friends, to talk and drink. The rules of the tavern with respect to the slave girls were simple. The customer could select any serving slave for his pleasure, providing he had paid the price of the paga; he could pick the girl of his interest, whether she had poured him the paga in question or not; to be sure, the customer usually commanded his paga from the wench who had caught his fancy, if he was planning on using her; if he was not interested in the having of a slave girl he would usually call his paga from the closest wench; each cup of paga entitled him to take one slave to the alcove; thus, theoretically, he might use several in one evening; these arrangements, however, terminated with the dawn, and the closing of the tavern; he might not, so to speak, save his cups for later. Dancers must be separately negotiated for. I stepped outside the tavern, to drink in the pure air of Gor. We were permitted outside the tavern. — Slave Girl of Gor, pages 293-294.

• Page Boy Male slaves which serve as messengers of the Council of the Captains in Port Kar. "I took the note from the boy, who appeared suddenly beside my chair. He had long hair, and wore a tunic of red and yellow silk. I recognized him, he being a page of the council." — Raiders of Gor, page 142.

• Passion Slave This is a slave girl who has been bred, not captured. Such breeding is for a particular trait, such as exquisite beauty or the shape of her lips. A form of an exotic. "I remembered, too, the girls in the last tavern, if it was a tavern, lascivious in their dancing silks, pleasure slaves bred like animals for passion." — Tarnsman of Gor, page 61.

"I wondered if Vika might be a bred slave, a Passion Slave, one of those girls bred for beauty and passion over generations by the zealous owners of the great Slave Houses of Ar, for lips such as Vika's were a feature often bred into Passion Slaves; they were lips formed for the kiss of a master." — Priest-Kings of Gor, page 53.

"For the Passion Slave," she said, "it is the belled ankle, perfume, the whip and the furs of love." — Priest-Kings of Gor, page 70. "Do you know what a Passion Slave is?" she asked. "It is a female of the human kind," she said, "but bred like a beast for its beauty and its passion." "It is an animal," she said, "bred for the pleasure of men, bred for the pleasure of a master." — Priest-Kings of Gor, page 73.

• Peasant Slave Slaves owned by the Peasants, their life is one filled with much hard and laborious tasks. Often, slave girls who are poorly disciplined need only be threatened to be sold to a Peasant to make them well behaved. "Perhaps a peasant would buy her to help with the ploughing… If this miserable fate were to be hers… stripped and sweating, her back exposed to the ox whip, would learn in harness that a peasant was a hard master." — Outlaw of Gor, page 244.

"Sell me in Ar," I begged."I think rather," said he, "I will give you to a village of peasants." I remembered the peasants, with their switches and sticks. I trembled. I knew, too, that such men often used girls, with the bosk, to pull plows, under whips. At night, unclothed, when not being used, they were commonly chained in a straw kennel with a dirt floor. — Captive of Gor, page 265.

"There was a kennel nearby, where Thurnus kept his girls. He did not tend his fields alone. — Slave Girl of Gor, page 139.

"You will learn toil, small beauty," Thurnus had told me. I had well learned toil, and misery. It is not easy to be a peasant's girl. It is a hard slavery. — Slave Girl of Gor, page 194.

"Sandal Thong stood up. She was a tall girl. She fingered the rope collar on her throat. She stood there in the brief slave tunic, of the wool of the Hurt." — Slave Girl of Gor, page 197.

• Personal Serving Slave See: "Serving Slave.

• Pierced Ear Girl This is a slave girl whose ears have been pierced, and is considered the ultimate degradation to a woman. Because the piercing of the ear is noticeable to the naked eye, it guarantees that the girl will never be freed. Interesting enough, women of Tuchuk, whether Free or slave, openly accept the nose to be pierced, and proudly wear the nose ring of the Tuchuks. It is thought perhaps, that with the nose ring removed, the piercing is not as noticeable to the naked eye. "Pierced-ear girl!" screamed Pouting Lips. The silk girl turned, stricken. She put her hands to her ears. There were sudden tears in her eyes. Then weeping, she turned away, her head in her hands, and fled after her master. — Marauders of Gor, page 145.

"I knelt on the low wooden platform, while one of the leather workers, with a long needle, approached my face… I closed my eyes. No anesthetic was used, for I was a slave, but it was not particularly painful. It was said to be a Turian custom, from the far south, which was spreading north. The leather worker then went to the other side of the platform. There were tears in my eyes, for my eyes smarted. I felt the second pain, sharp, followed by an unpleasant burning sensation. The leather worker stood up. My ears had been pierced… The leather worker wiped away the bit of blood with a cloth. He then fixed two tiny steel rods, with threaded ends, through the wounds. To each end of each of the rods he threaded a tiny steel disk, that the tiny rods might be held in the wounds. The disks and rods would be removed in four days." — Captive of Gor, page 157.

"The piercing of the ears of women, only of slave girls, of course, was a custom of distant Turia, famed for its wealth and its nine great gates… The piercing of the ears of slave girls, that they might have earrings fastened in them, was another Turian custom. It has been known on Gor before, but it was only with the flight of the escaping Turians that it had become more widespread recently." — Captive of Gor, page 160.

"I do not understand, El-in-or," she said. "The most terrible thing you do not mind. You are then very brave. And they you cry about a little nose ring. It is not like having your ears pierced." The piercing of the ears is far more terrible," said Ute. "Nose rings are nothing. They are even pretty. In the south even the free women of the Wagon Peoples wear nose rings." She held me more closely. "Even free women in the south," she insisted, "the free women of the Wagon Peoples, wear nose rings." She kissed me. "Besides," she said, "it may be removed, and no will ever know that you wore it. It will not show." Then Ute's eyes clouded with tears. I looked at the tiny steel rods holding open the wounds in her ears. She wept. "How can I ever hope to become a Free Companion," she wept. "What man would want a woman with the pierced ears of a slave girl? And if I were not veiled, anyone might look upon me, and laugh, and scorn me, seeing that my ears had been pierced, as those of a slave girl!" — Captive of Gor, pages 165-166. Further, they knew that with their ears pierced, they might bring a somewhat higher price, and thus, perhaps, obtain a somewhat better-fixed master. Some prudish slavers, scandalized by ear piercing, refused to have it done to their girls, but Targo, doubtless because of the gold involved, had insisted upon it. Many Gorean men apparently find pierced ears in a girl extremely provocative. Craftsmen of the metal workers, men specializing in the working of gold and silver, were concerned to work out new forms of jewelry for slave females. — Captive of Gor, page 167.

"Pierced-ear Girl!" cried a man. "Kneel." — Captive of Gor, page 319.

"Ear piercing, on Gor, is regarded in most cities as the most degrading thing that can he done to a girl. It is commonly done only to the lowest of pleasure slaves. Compared to it, fixing a ring in a girl's nose is regarded lightly. Indeed, among the Tuchuks, one of the Wagon Peoples of Gor, even free women wear nose rings. These matters are cultural, of course… A girl with pierced ears on Gor might as well, for all practical purposes, give up even the slimmest of hopes, should she entertain them, of freedom. What Gorean man, seeing a woman with pierced cars, could treat her as, or accept her as, anything but a slave?" — Explorers of Gor, pages 92-93.

"Usually, a leather worker pierces ears." — Explorers of Gor, page 93.

"Pierced ears in a girl mean to a Gorean that she is a slave among slaves." — Explorers of Gor, page 96.

"Some Earth girls, of course, brought to Gor as slaves, as lovely meat for the flesh markets, did have their ears pierced. Some of them did not learn for months why it was that they were treated with a roughness and contempt far beyond that of their imbonded sisters, subjected to a harsher authority and put beneath the rudest predations of a master's lust. And yet the answer was simple. They were pierced-ear girls. It is said that the ear piercing of slaves, on Gor, originated in Turia. Certainly it was practiced there. After the fall of Turia the custom spread northward. It is now relatively common on Gor, for pleasure slaves. Slavers have discovered that a pierced-ear girl commands a higher price." — Explorers of Gor, page 96.

• Pleasure Slave In the Gorean language: Pagar Kajira. Silks colors do not determine a pleasure slave. This is a slave that has been specifically trained in the complete arts of pleasure. A true pleasure slave knows how to carry herself with sexual allure, instinctively kneels in the position of a pleasure slave, and knows all the other positions a Master may desire her to attain, the 1,000 kisses of pleasure, the caresses, the massages. She also knows many dances, how to cook, serve, and how to bathe; all the skills necessary to perform exquisitely for her Master. A pleasure slave is not above the menial tasks, however, and often is put to work in the kitchens to remind her of her status. I looked at the incredibly lovely girl in the mirror, she bedecked in a rope of red silk, made-up, perfumed vulnerable, soft, with armlets and bracelets, golden beads intertwined in the Turian collar. "She is beautiful," I whispered. Sucha had much helped me. "What are my duties?" I asked."Exquisite beauty and absolute obedience," said Sucha. — Slave Girl of Gor, page 261.

"We girls in the keep were pleasure slaves, but it must be clearly understood that we were the only girls in the keep. Thus, we served, too, as work slaves. Scrubbing must be done, and the sewing, and the washing and ironing of clothes, and the cleaning; too, we aided in the kitchen, usually in the preparing of vegetables and in the scouring of pots and pans; too, water must be carried to the men on the parapets; there was much work of a lowly and servile nature which it fell naturally to us, the girls of the keep, to perform. Yet generally I think we did not, have too much to complain of. We were permitted to sleep late in the slave quarters, and manual labors, for most of us, tended to be curtailed in the early afternoon, that we might rest and prepare ourselves for the evening. I think few of us did on the average more than two or three Ahn of light labors on a normal day." — Slave Girl of Gor, page 263.

• Pot and Mat Girl Same as a Kettle and Mat. "I need a wench," said the man, "one who will cost me little, one to keep in the cots by day, to shovel the excrement of tarns, one to keep in my hut by night, as a pot-and-mat girl." — Beasts of Gor, page 70.

• Professional [Competency] Slave Slaves with specific professional competencies, such as medicine and law. "I have not mentioned, either, slaves with professional competencies, such as medicine or law, or fighting slaves, in effect gladiators, men purchased for use, as bodyguards or combatants in arranged games." — Fighting Slave of Gor, page 165.

• Prow Girl A type of display girl. These are slave girls that are cargo of a ship, only the most beautiful one selected to adorn the prow of the ship, thus displaying the riches of the captain. The line which Shoka now tied around her crossed wrists was already strung through a large, metal, gold-painted ring, one of two, which were mounted in the huge wooden ears of the kailiauk head which, high above the water, surmounted the prow. — Explorers of Gor, pages 103-104. The blond lifted her bound wrists, the line running up to the golden ring in the left ear of the kailiauk head, through it, and back to the deck. "Why are we bound like this?" she asked. "Do you not know, you little fool?" asked Sasi. I smiled, for Sasi was actually a bit shorter than the blond girl. I would have guessed they would have weighed about the same. Sasi may have weighed a little more. Neither was a large girl. "No, Mistress," said the blond girl. She was deferential to Sasi. If she had not been, she might have been whipped to within an inch of her life."Rejoice," said Sasi. "You have been found beautiful enough to be put at the prow." — Explorers of Gor, pages 109-110. "On your bellies," said Shoka to them, and the two girls lay on the deck. He first crossed the blond's ankles and tied them together, and then he did the same for Sasi. This is done to improve the line of a girl's body, as she hangs at the ring. "Up," said Shoka to them, and they again knelt. Both were now ready to be put at the rings, the blond at the left, Sasi at the right. — Explorers of Gor, page 110. "Put them at the prow!" called Ulafi. Two seamen came to assist Shoka. Shoka lifted up the blond girl, easily, in his arms. She was frightened. The line on her wrists went to, and through, the golden ring in the left ear of the kailiauk head at the prow of the Palms of Schendi. It then, from the ring, returned to the deck. The two seamen then held the line, at the deck. Shoka then threw the girl over the bow. She cried out with misery but, in a moment, swung from the tether, through the ring, fastened to her wrists. At Shoka's direction she was drawn up until she hung, her wrists over her head, about a foot below the golden ring. One sailor held the rope then while the other secured the line to a ring on the deck. He made a loop in the line, passed the free end through the deck ring, brought the end up through the loop, about the line and down through the loop again, then tightened the knot. The girl thee swung from the ring. The knot at the ring was a simple bowline, familiar to all who know the sea, brought to Gor perhaps hundreds of years ago by mariners who had once sailed the Aegean or the Mediterranean, perhaps who had once called not such ports as Schendi or Bazi their own, but Miletus or Ephesus, or Syracuse or Carthage. After a few moments Sasi, too, swung from a golden ring, she too suspended over the brownish waters outside Schendi. — Explorers of Gor, pages 113-114.

• Public Slave Same as a state slave. See: "State Slave." "In the high cylinders, in Gorean cities, there are often public slaves who tend the central kitchens in cylinders, care for the children, but may not instruct them, and, for a tiny fee to the city, clean compartments and do laundering." — Captive of Gor, page 317.

• Rent Slave Private owned girls which are rented out by their masters. "There are rent slaves, who may be rented to anyone for any purpose, short of their injury or mutilation, unless compensation be rendered to the master." — Beasts of Gor, page 250.

"I am lonely," said a kneeling slave girl by one of the booths, lifting her hands to me. I looked at her, a comely wench in soiled Pleasure Silk. She was leashed and her master, who wished to rent her for the quarter Ahn, held the chain with its leather loop wound in his fist. "Use her," said he, "the poor wench is lonely, only a copper tarn disk." I turned and, pressing through the crowd, walked away. — Assassin of Gor, page 156.

• Seduction Slave Seduction slaves can be both male and female. Handsome male slaves are used by slavers to lure free women to couch with them, and in doing such, then subjects that free woman to becoming herself a slave. "She is a seduction slave," I said. Lavinia sobbed, and shook her head. A tear coursed down her cheek. "Are you not, Lavinia?" I asked. "Yes, Master," she sobbed. "You should not object to this," I informed the male slave. "You yourself, often enough, if I am not mistaken, have acted in the role of the seduction slave. Surely it is only fair that the tables have now been turned, and that it is you, so to speak, who now finds himself in the net." He could not take his eyes from Lavinia. "She acted under your orders?" he said. "Of course," I said. He moaned. "And is there not a rich joke her," I asked, "for, as I understand it, it was you who, as a seduction slave, were responsible for first bringing her pretty little neck into the collar. It is not only fitting then that it be she, now a slave, whom I used for your acquisition?" "Yes, Master," he said. "Doubtless she finds her triumph rich and amusing," I said. "Please, Master, may I speak?" begged Lavinia. "No," I said. She sobbed. "You did your work well, pretty little seduction slave," I said. To her. — Magicians of Gor, pages 434-444.

"The handsome, charming, suave, witty Milo," said the fellow, "is a seduction slave." "A seduction slave?" she wept. "Yes," he said. "He has much increased my stock of slaves." She tore at the net, in tears, but helpless. "Had you, and your predecessors, not been so secretive, so much concerned to conceal your affairs with a slave, Milo's utility as a seduction slave would have doubtless been much diminished by now. On the other hand, the concern for your reputation and such, so natural in you free women, almost guarantees the repeatability, and continued success, of these small pleasant projects." "Release me!" she begged. "Some of Milo's conquests are used in my fields, and others in my house," he said. "But most, and I am sure you will be one of these, are exported, sold out of the city to begin your new life." "My new life?" she whispered. "That of a female slave," he smiled. — Magicians of Gor, page 8.

• Self-Contracted Limited Slave See: "Limited Slave."

• Serving Slave Another term for the house slave and tower slave; primary duties are domestic and running errands. Refer also to "Tower Slave." "Perhaps you will be purchased for a serving slave or a tower slave," said Inge. — Captive of Gor, page 101.

I, and the rest of the class, was naked, save for our collars and strings of slave bells tied about our left ankles. It was not thought necessary to soil slave silks in what, in effect, was a successive series of rehearsals. The floor manager did wish to make certain, of course, that we moved well, belled. The floor manager, or banquet manager, or feast master, as one may think of him, is extremely important in this type of affair. He controls the arrangement and order of the banquet, the catering, if any is required, and the musicians, dancers and serving slaves. Our class, twenty girls, were acting as the serving slaves. Another class, the next cycle in the training program, was kneeling to one side, observing. I wanted desperately to talk to one member of that next class. — Kajira of Gor, page 297.

Samos looked up at her. She stood there, lovely, holding the tray before her, on which reposed the vessels, the tiny cups and glasses, the bowls, the spoons, the soft, dampened cloths on which we had wiped our hands. She had served well, beautifully, effacing herself, as a serving slave. "Master," she whispered. "Return the things to the kitchen," he said. I saw, from her eyes, that she was more than a serving slave. It is interesting, the power that a man may hold over a woman. "Yes, Master," she said. When she had knelt facing Samos, she had knelt in the position of the pleasure slave. When she had knelt facing me, she had knelt in the position of the serving slave. Samos, it was said, was the first to have brought her to slave orgasm. It had happened six days after she had been first brought to his house. It is said that a woman who has experienced slave orgasm can never thereafter be anything but a man's slave. She then knows what men can do to her, and what she herself is, a woman. Never thereafter can she be anything else. — Explorers of Gor, pages 12-13.

"About the throne, here and there, spilled on the steps of the dais, in the manner of riches, rich cloths, golden coins and some chained female slaves. Susan, who was to me as my personal serving slave, kneeling, in a brief, white, see-through lace tunic, was chained on my right, her chain, fastened on her neck, running to a ring on the throne." — Kajira of Gor, page 367.

"Iwoso does not want the slave to learn the pleasure of men," said Cuwignaka. "Doubtless she fears it will spoil her as a serving slave for a woman." — Blood Brothers of Gor, page 274.

"Are you familiar with the duties of a serving slave?" she asked. "Elicia!" I cried. "Are you?" she asked. "I do not wish to spend a great deal of time training you." "To some extent," I said, coldly. "It is all a little thing like you is good for," she said. "I will get much use from you." — Slave Girl of Gor, page 308. A serving slave must know the exact temperature at which her mistress wishes the water of her bath. The Lady Elicia would tell me once, I knew. After that, if it were not correct, I would be punished. I knew she would have little patience with me. I must serve her perfectly. — Slave Girl of Gor, page 312.

"I have been assigned by my master, Appanius, to Milo, to be a personal serving slave to him, to clean his quarters, run his errands, and such." — Magicians of Gor, page 88.

• Siege Slave Male slaves used during sieges to labor, generally digging ditches, man the heavy rams, and such. "Some hundreds of yards from the wall, just beyond crossbow range, a gigantic ditch was being dug by thousands of siege slaves and prisoners." — Tarnsman of Gor, page 163.

"… inevitably the spearmen and lancers of Pa-Kur, following the lead of siege slaves through the maze of stakes and traps, would engage the men from Ar. — Tarnsman of Gor, page 177.

"Simultaneously, exposed chains of siege slaves began to move the stake lines forward. — Tarnsman of Gor, page 178.

"Within the towers, sweating, naked siege slaves, under the frenzied whips of their overseers, hauled on the great chains that swung the mighty steel rams into the wall and back. — Tarnsman of Gor, page 178.

• Silk Girl Not a slave classification, but a derogatory term bond-maids of the north refer to their muchly pampered city counterpart. "Look!" cried Pudding. "A silk girl!" The expression "silk girl" is used, often, among bond-maids of the north, to refer to their counterparts in the south. The expression reflects their belief that such girls are spoiled, excessively pampered, indulged and coddled, sleek pets, who have little to do but adorn themselves with cosmetics and await their masters, cuddled cutely, on plush, scarlet coverlets, fringed with gold. There is some envy in this charge, I think. More literally, the expression tends to be based on the fact that the brief slave tunic of the south, the single garment permitted the female slave, is often silk. — Marauders of Gor, page 144.

• Silk Slave The male pleasure slave. "I knew, of course, what she looked like naked, for I was her silk slave. Free women think as little of concealing their bodies before their silk slaves as the women of Earth would before their pet dogs." — Fighting Slave of Gor, page 181.

• Slavery of the She-Quadruped Not technically a category of slave; used more for disciplinary purposes. "This form of slavery, commonly used for disciplinary purposes, or for the amusement of the master, the girl is not permitted to arise from all fours; similarly she is not permitted human speech, though she may signify needs and desires by such means as cringing, moaning and whimpering. Not permitted the use of her hands, save as a means of locomotion, she must also eat and drink from pans set on the floor, or, sometimes, to satisfy her thirst, she must lap the water permitted to her from puddles, or lick pillages from the tiles; too, it is not uncommon to chain her near her master's feet, while he dines, that he may, if he wishes, throw her scraps of food. She will also be taught tricks, through which paces she may be put for the entertainment of her master's guests, such things as begging, lying down, rolling over, and fetching his sandals in her teeth. And, needless to say, when her master wishes to use her sexually, it will be in a position common to the she-quadruped. This form of slavery is often imposed upon captured Ubaras." — Guardsman of Gor, page 225.

• Spear Slave One would assume this would designate a slave which carried a spear during times of battle. However, there is no evidence in the books that such a slave existed. The only mention of "Spear Slave" was with the game, Kaissa, specifically game pieces called "Spear Slave." Being that Kaissa pieces are named after actual titles of a person's employ (i.e., Tarnsman, Ubar, Ubara, Assassin, et al), then likely such spear slaves did exist. Mintar's tent was enormous and domed, similar in shape to the others in his camp; however, not only in size, but in splendor of appointment, it was a palace of silk. We passed through the guards at the entrance. In the center of the great tent, seated alone on cushions before a small fire, were two men, a game board between them. One was Mintar, of the Merchant Caste, his great bulk resting like a sack of meal on the cushions. The other man, a gigantic man, wore the robes of one of the Afflicted, but wore them as a king might. He sat cross-legged, his back straight and his head high, in the fashion of a warrior. Without needing to approach more (pg.188) closely, I knew the other man. It was Marlenus. "Do not interrupt the game," commanded Marlenus. Kazrak and I stood to one side. Mintar was lost in thought, his small eyes fastened to the red and yellow squares of the board. Having recognized our presence, Marlenus, too, turned his attention to the game. A brief, craft light flickered momentarily in Mintar's small eyes, and his pudgy hand hovered, hesitating an instant, over one of the pieces of the hundred-squared board, a centered Tarnsman. He touched it, committing himself to move it. A brief exchange followed, like a chain reaction, neither man considering his moves for a moment, First Tarnsman took First Tarnsman, Second Spearman responded by neutralizing First Tarnsman, City Neutralized Spearman, Assassin took City, Assassin fell to Second Tarnsman, Tarnsman to Spear Slave, Spear Slave to Spear Slave. Mintar relaxed on the cushions. "You have taken the City," he said, "but not the Home Stone." His eyes gleamed with pleasure. "I permitted that, in order that I might capture the Spear Slave. Let us now adjudicate the game. The Spear Slave gives me the point I need, a small point but decisive." — Tarnsman of Gor, pages 187-188.

"My Thanks, fellow," said I. It was true that the Kaissa of the north differed in some respects from tournament Kaissa in the south. The games, however, were quite similar. Indeed, Kaissa was played variously on the planet. For example, several years ago Kaissa was played somewhat differently in Ar than it was now. Most Gorean cities now, at least in the south, had accepted a standard tournament Kaissa, agreed upon by the high council of the caste of players. Sometimes the changes were little more than semantic. For example, a piece which once in Ar had been called the "City" was now identified officially as the "Home Stone" even in Ar. Indeed, some players in Ar had always called it the Home Stone. More seriously there were now no "Spear Slaves" in common Kaissa, as there once had been, though there were distinctions among "Spearmen." It had been argued that (pg. 44) slaves had no right upon the Kaissa board. One might note also, in passing, that slaves are not permitted to play Kaissa. It is for free individuals. In most cities it is regarded, incidentally, as a criminal offense to enslave one of the caste of players. A similar decree, in most cities, stands against the enslavement of one who is of the caste of musicians. — Beasts of Gor, pages 43-44.

• Sport Slave Generally male slaves, used as the "prey" in the cruel hunts of rich free women. "You are then the sport slave?" I said. "Yes," said he, "purchased from the pens at Lydius, for a girl's hunting." — Beasts of Gor, page 121.

• Stable Slave [Slut] Slaves, male and female, who tend to the stables of such beasts as, in this instance, tharlarions. The female stable slave is considered the lowest in slavery; often these sluts are given as rewards to male slaves. "I now wore, like other stable slaves, a common work collar, the black iron, with an attached ring. On it was the legend I belong to the Lady Florence of Vonda' I, like other stable slaves, was chained at night." — Fighting Slave of Gor, page 235.

"Beside the line of forty-two male stable slaves, with which my Mistress was now concerning herself, there knelt to one side, backs straight and heads up, a line of five Kajirae, who were stable sluts. These were barefoot and bare-armed, and wore brown tunics which, as they now had them belted, with binding fibre, would have falled to their knees, rather demurely for slave girls, had they stood up." — Fighting Slave of Gor, page 236.

"Female work slaves, field slaves, stable slaves, and such, like kettle-and-mat girls, are usually considered the lowest of slaves. At any rate, they commonly bring the lowest prices in the markets." — Magicians of Gor, page 306.

• State Slave A slave owned by a city, also known as a public slave. See also: "Public Slave." "I noted her throat was encircled by a collar of grey metal. I supposed it indicated that she was a state slave of Tharna." — Outlaw of Gor, page 102.

"There are state slaves who maintain public compartments, and work in offices and warehouses." — Beasts of Gor, page 250.

"The female state slave of Ar wears a brief, gray slave livery, with matching gray collar, Save for the color it is identical with most common slave livery. About her left ankle is normally locked a gray steel band, to which five simple bells of gray metal, are attached. Many years ago, in Ar and Ko-ro-ba, and several of the other northern cities, the common slave livery had been white but diagonally striped, in one color or another; gradually over the years this style had changed; the standard livery was also, now, commonly, slashed to the waist; as before, it remained sleeveless; these matters, as generally in the cut of robes and style of tunics, undergo the transitions of fashion. I smiled. One of the decrees of Marlenus, uttered at his victory feast, yesterday evening, to rounds of drunken cheers and applause, had been to decree a two-hort, approximately two and one-half inch, heightening of the hemline in the already rather briefly skirted livery of female state slaves; this morning I supposed this decree would be adopted by the private slave owners of Ar as well; indeed, I noted that already the effects of the decree were evident in the livery of the girls I passed in the halls. The hair of the female state slave of Ar, incidentally, is normally cut rather short and brushed back around the head; the common slave girl, on the other hand, normally has rather long hair, which is unbound." — Assassin of Gor, pages 393-394.

"At one point, to the shouts and delight of the men of the Ubar some two or three hundred girls were ushered quickly into the room of the court. They wore the brief gray livery of the state slave of Ar, slashed to the waist, knotted with a gray cord; about their throats was locked the gray metal collar of Ar's state slave; they were barefoot; on the left ankle of each was the gray metal band, with its five gray bells, worn by the female state slave. Their hair, in state fashion, had been cut short, shaped, and combed back around the head. The wrists of each were confined behind her back with gray slave bracelets." — Assassin of Gor, pagess 395-396.

"The lot of a state slave can be one of great deprivation… Certainly it is commonly regarded as an extremely unenviable slavery by most slaves. To be sure, they are occasionally made available to male slaves, guards and such. Some state slaves, of course, usually girls of unusual beauty, are used at state banquets, to serve and entertain. But even there the state not unoften utilizes trained feast slaves, rented from various establishments or, upon certain occasions, even the girls from a Ubar's own pleasure gardens." — Magicians of Gor, page 376.

• Tavern Slave See "Paga Slave." "There are paga slaves," I said, "who must please their master's customers in his tavern. — Beasts of Gor, page 249.

"I see," she said, "that even though I was once a proud woman of the high city of Treve you have not honored me with binding fiber but have bound my limbs only with the thong of your sandal, as though I might be the lowest tavern slave in Ar — carried off on a wager, a whim or caprice." — Priest-Kings of Gor, page 193.

• Thrall Literal meaning: Slave. In virtual chat, most recognize this term to denote the male labor slave of Torvaldsland. However, this term has also been used in reference to a female slave. Please also refer to the Male Slaves pages for more information. Etymology: Middle English thral, from Old English thrll, from Old Norse thrll; probably akin to Old High German drigil servant, Old English thrlgan to run, Gothic thragjan to run, Old Irish traig foot; "A member of the lowest social class of ancient northern and especially Scandinavian Europe existing either as an accident of birth or as a result of capture in a state of slavery to a master or lord; a servant slave; bondman; sometimes: serf; archaic: a person (as a captive held for ransom) deprived of liberty; c: a person in moral or mental servitude, a person intangibly bound (as by a habit); the condition of a thrall; a state of complete absorption or servitude; slavery." Merriam-Webster Dictionary ©2003-2006

"Men in the fields wore short tunics of white wool; some carried hoes; their hair was close cropped; about their throats had been hammered bands of black iron, with a welded ring attached. They did not leave the fields; such a departure, without permission, might mean their death; they were thralls." — Marauders of Gor, page 82.

"Please be kind to me, my master," I said. "Barbarian slut," he said. "Earth-girl slave, Earth-girl thrall!" — Witness of Gor, page 690.

• Tower Slave Another name for the house slave, or serving slave. The misconception found in virtual chat sites often is their statement that a tower slave is 1.) a virgin, and 2.) does not serve sexually. The duties of a tower slave are primarily domestic (i.e., cleaning of the house). When serving, the tower slave kneels as a pleasure slave, except with her legs pressed together. The tower slave, like any other slave, is fully at the disposal of the Master in any and every way. The distinction between tower and pleasure slave is not really a hard and fast distinction; it is not absolute and can be transitory. A tower slave who finds her legs kicked apart becomes at that moment a pleasure slave. "She had not prepared herself a portion but, after I had been served, had knelt silently to one side, back on her heels in the position of a Tower Slave, a slave to whom largely domestic duties would be allotted in the Gorean apartment cylinders." — Priest-Kings of Gor, page 45.

"Perhaps you will be purchased for a serving slave or a tower slave," said Inge. — Captive of Gor, page 101.

• Whip Slave A slave who holds whip rights over the other slaves. Please also refer to the Slave Training page. "The Whip Slave, another of the slaves of Tharna, but one in charge of the chain, was pleased with his task. Though he might never see the light of the sun, yet it was he who held the whip, he who was Ubar in this macabre dungeon." — Outlaw of Gor, page 151.

"Almost instantly, by the whip slaves, the three barbarian beauties from the House of Cernus were revealed to the buyers of Ar." — Assassin of Gor, page 303.

"In the hallway we passed four female slaves, naked, on their hands and knees, with sponges, rags and buckets, cleaning the tiles of the corridor. A male slave stood near, a heavy band of iron about his throat, a whipping strap dangling from his right hand." — Assassin of Gor, page 117.

"Following the meal she would retire to my quarters which, on hands and knees, with brush and bucket, she would scrub to the satisfaction of a Whip Slave, with strap, standing over her. Then she would retired again to the kitchens for the work there that would have been left for her, after which, when finished, she would be chained for the night." — Raiders of Gor, pages 131-132.

• Work Slaves Male prisoners that must work as laborers; usually for a set period of time, such as one year. Work slaves may also be female slaves, used for laborers, such as in an encampment or a city. "The large contingent of mercenaries who had flocked to his banner were kept as work slaves for a period of one year, to fill in the vast ditches and siege tunnels, to repair the extensive damage to the walls of Ar, and to rebuild those of its buildings that had been injured or burned in the fighting. After a year of servitude, they were returned, weaponless, to the cities of their birth." — Tarnsman of Gor, page 215.

"This is not a common work slave," said the Lady Tendite to the crowd, "a simple brute, an insensitive lout for your fields or stables." — Fighting Slave of Gor, page 163.

"Female work slaves, field slaves, stable slaves, and such, like kettle-and-mat girls, are usually considered the lowest of slaves. At any rate, they commonly bring the lowest prices in the markets." — Magicians of Gor, page 306.

"I am Ute," Ute told them. "I am first girl among the work slaves." — Captive of Gor, page 294.

The First Girl and the Low Girl

Slaves on Gor often display jealousies toward each other, and often compete for the attention of a master, sometimes entering into full-fledged physical battles.

• First Girl Each free person owning a chain of slaves, always designates one girl to be their "first girl." She is the girl that has switch rights over the other girls in her owner's chain, as well as acts as trainer and task-master for these girls. The first girl is not always the first girl purchased, or the girl with the longest time spent with her owner. At any given time, the owner may designate a new girl in his chain to be first girl, and often an owner of more than one girl changes this often, so as to remind each girl of their absolute place in his ownership. Often times, first girl is determined by other slaves. "When more than one slave girl stands in a relationship of slave girls, as when they serve in the same shop or house, or adorn the same rich man's pleasure gardens, it is common for the master, or masters, to appoint a 'first girl.' Her authority is then to the other girls as is that of the master. This tends to reduce squabbling. The first girl is usually, though not always, the favorite of the master. There is usually much competition to be first girl. First girls can be cruel and petty but, commonly, they attempt to govern with intelligence and justice. They know that another girl, at the master's whim, may become first girl, and that they themselves may then be under her almost absolute power. In my own house I often rotated the position of first girl among my slaves who were native Goreans. I never made an Earth-girl slave first girl. This is fitting. Let them be always as the slaves of slaves." — Explorers of Gor, pages 77-78.

"Sometimes masters, in their cruelty, do not appoint a first girl. Then the slave girls, as best then can, by teeth and nails, must adjudicate their differences and establish a mode of governance for themselves. Sometimes masters do not appoint a first girl in order that the lower ranking girls will strive ever more desperately to please them, to become favorites, and thus to be to some extent more protected. 'If you beat me, the master will not be pleased,' is not a threat to be taken lightly in the slave quarters, particularly if it is thought to be true. The distant menace of the master's displeasure has its influence and effect, naturally, on the social arrangements of the kennels. Sometimes a girl will pretend to be more favored by the master than she is, for her own prestige, and to win position in the kennels. But it is not hard to know the truth in these matters." — Slave Girl of Gor, page 264.

I threw the switch to the red-haired girl." Keep order in the camp," I said. I turned to Ilene, and pointed to the red-haired girl." She is now first girl in the camp," I said." Until my return you are to her as her slave." — Hunters of Gor, page 205.

She was a good first girl. She, with her switch, maintained a harsh and perfect discipline among her charges, but she was not more cruel to them that it was customary to be with Gorean slaves. They were animals in her charge. She was, accordingly, solicitous for their welfare. From my point of view, of course, a girl with a scarred ankle is likely to bring a lower price than a perfect specimen. I thus approved of her action." — Hunters of Gor, page 224.

"I am Ute," Ute told them. "I am first girl among the work slaves. You will obey me. You will be treated precisely as the other girls, neither better nor worse. If you do not obey me, exactly and promptly, in all things, you will be beaten." — Captive of Gor, page 294.

"Constance is first girl," I told her who had been the Lady Tina of Lydius."Yes, Master," said she who had been the Lady Tina of Lydius."Address her as Mistress," I told the former free girl. "Mistress," said she who had been the former Lady Tina of Lydius, frightened, to Constance."Slave," responded Constance to her confirming the former free woman as second girl. — Beasts of Gor, page 135.

• The Low Girl The low girl is the girl, in a chain, or a camp, that is the newest, or the least liked, or the most that needs training. She is low girl. She must seek to please the other slaves in her chain or camp, or face severe beatings. Also, there is, in the community of slaves, a sort of heirarchy formed as well, especially in the instance of several slaves living together in a public compound or in a slaver's house. Slaves often battle to move up in this heirarchy, the strongest obtaining status of "first girl" amongst them. A new slave brought into the group of slaves is "low girl" and therefore, must work to gain respect from her fellow slaves, possibly even being forced to being a slave amongst slaves. Should a slave be found displeasing amongst fellow slaves, she could very well fall victim to "slave-discipline." "There are twenty-eight girls in Stones of Turmus," continued Sucha. "We come from nineteen cities. Six of us are bred slaves… "Teach her she is low girl," said Sucha. One of the girls seized me from behind by the hair and threw me back to the tiles. I cried out. The other girls then, swiftly, kicked and struck at me. I screamed, twisting. "Enough," called Sucha. The beating had lasted no more than a brief handful of seconds, perhaps no more than five or six seconds. Its purpose was no more than to intimidate me. I looked up, horrified, my head still held down by the hair. My leg was bleeding where I had been bitten. "Release her," said Sucha. "Kneel, Dina." My hair released, I knelt. "You are low girl," said Sucha. — Slave Girl of Gor, page 256.

One of the girls seized me from behind by the hair and threw me back to the tiles. I cried out. The other girls then, swiftly, kicked and struck at me. I screamed, twisting. "Enough," called Sucha. The beating had lasted no more than a brief handful of seconds, perhaps no more than five or six seconds. Its purpose was no more than to intimidate me. I looked up, horrified, my head still held down by the hair. My leg was bleeding where I had been bitten. "Release her," said Sucha. "Kneel, Dina." My hair released, I knelt. "You are low girl," said Sucha."Yes, Mistress," I said. I was terrified. I did not even dare look into the eyes of the other girls. I could sense their readiness, their eagerness, on the least provocation, to put me under slave-girl discipline. "You are very pretty," said Sucha. "It is natural for them to resent you." "I thought they were tamed," I said. "They are tamed to men, who are the masters," said Sucha. "But we are not tamed to one another." "I do not want to be hurt," I said. "Remember then," said Sucha, "that you are low girl. Please them. Conduct yourself with care among your sisters in bondage." I knew that slave girls were often left to impose their own order upon themselves, masters usually not interfering in such matters. The kennel rooms of slave girls could be jungles. Usually the strongest, largest girl, with her cohorts, dominated. Order tended to be imposed by physical means. The head girls, too, their dominance assured, often did not impose a further order among the lesser girls, leaving it to them to determine their own rankings. Squabbles among slave girls can be nasty. In them there is likely to be much screaming and rolling upon the tiles; vicious clawing, biting, kicking and hair pulling tend to figure in such feminine disputations; even more shameful perhaps is the fact that the other girls find such contests amusing and encourage the contestants. Sometimes a strong girl even orders two friends to fight, until one establishes a dominance over the other. "I have been beaten," is the whimpered submission phrase of the loser, clawed and frightened. "Command me, Mistress," she then whispers. She must then serve the victor. If she objects the matter is again subjected to physical adjudication. In a closed set of kennels the order among the girls is usually meticulous and extremely precise. I was low girl. — Slave Girl of Gor, pages 255-257.

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