General Rules and Points to RememberEdit

The secret to a perfect serve lies within each individual; we are all unique and each slave's serve should reflect that individuality and uniqueness.

The qualities possessed by you and your slave belly make the basic frame of a serve unique and perfect. Do not ever copy another person's serve or style. Watch them serve, learn from them, let them inspire you, but absolutely do not cheat them — or yourself — by passing off another person's hard work as your own. Not only tacky, but totally untolerable.

Each and every serve should be free form. Never pre-write serves and store them in files only to copy and paste them while actually serving. Serves that are pre-written detract from the slave and disrespect the one who is being served.

In the world of online Gor, there is for some time, a battle among many regarding a slave using third-person speech versus first-person. In one word? Onlinism. It is a misconception that plagues Gor based on such usage from the chat rooms of BDSM. In this class, I will be using third-person and first-person only as a means to differentiate between performing an action such as speaking, versus describing an action such as fetching a drink. For brevity, I will use feminine pronouns, but the reference so these pronouns will also refer to the male slaves — except in obvious situations which will be pointed out.

For brevity, I will be using "Master" only, although there may be instances I will point out something specific regarding a free woman.

Although you may be required to prepare an entire meal, a serve of beverage alone is much more common. The basic framework of such a serve has nine (9) steps:

  • Approaching the Master; kneeling position/posture
  • Acknowledging the request of the Master
  • Going to the serving area
  • Selecting the eating/drinking vessel
  • Inspection and cleaning of the eating/drinking vessel
  • Selecting and/or preparation of the food or drink
  • Returning to the Master
  • Approaching the Master; kneeling position/posture
  • Offering of the food or drink

Below you will find greater detail as we review each step individually, followed by an example. Please remember, these examples are me, my style and do not copy them.

Nine Steps to a Perfect ServeEdit

1. Approaching the Master; Kneeling Position/Posture.

In this step, the slave approaches the Master, and kneels, assuming the correct position. NOTE: The kneeling before a free woman can alter based upon a specific directive by the girl's owner, or by rules of the home. There are those that don't seek to make a free woman comfortable and require female slaves to kneel in pleasure slave position. Too, there are many free woman who are not offended. Be discretionary until you know the rules and preferences. The slave shall be descriptive in the way he or she moves, kneels and positions him or her self. Never should a slave to "holler" out an offer of service.

girl remains seated on her pallet... her back is arched gracefully, her full breasts straining against the gauzy crimson silks that clad her svelte little body... keeping her heart-shaped face down, her long, dark tresses fall in front of her face, the curls framing it delicately... hearing footsteps of an approaching Visitor, nishka slowly lifts her face up and spies a new Master entering... slowly with one fluid movement, the slave moves up onto her knees and then her feet... keeping her ebony eyes averted in respect, nishka floats across the room, her small feet gliding effortlessly across the floor... once she reaches the Master, she slowly kneels before Him, her inner knees kissing each other as she again arches her back up, thrusting her ample bosom forward, her voice is soft and demure as she keeps her eyes down, the ebony pools masked by a mantle of thick, black lashes... "Might the girl be of service, Master?"

2. Acknowledging the request of the Master.Edit

This is where a slave always responds with: "yes, Master" or "yes, Mistress" as well as clarifying the request if needed (i.e., preference between a mug or goblet), and then rises up and respectfully walks away from the Master's presence. Pay attention to the details the Master may — or may not — specify in his or her request. It's always a good idea, to learn the personality and preferences of each of the Masters of the home.

"Yes, Master," the girl responds, with a gentle nod of her head... Rising up gracefully, she backs up a step or two before pivoting on a heel and turning, making her way to the servery.

3. Going to the serving area.Edit

This is where the slave walks from the Master's presence to the kitchen and cold room. Form a mental image and gain a feel for your surroundings, thusly being creative with your movement. It is important to be as descriptive as possible, since your opening post sets the tone of your serve and as such, will be the draw and keep the Master's attention to your efforts. Be descriptive of your movement and your body by drawing a mental picture for the Master.

As she struts her way to the kitchen, slender arms slowly raise, fingers sliding beneath the nape of her neck, lifting her long chocolate tresses high, displaying the lush curves of her body... The flesh of her ass rippling with each silken step, her hips swaying with taunting thrusts … With a wicked gleam in her dark, glittering eyes, she flicks her wrists, sending her silken strands falling wildly about her lithe li'l form, the long tendrils clinging once more to her delicate flesh, caressing the sweet curves of her delightful body … She disappears into the hallway, walking down the corridor with hurried steps to reach the door to the servery, disappearing within.

4. Selecting the eating / drinking vessel.Edit

Upon approaching the shelves, comment on the type of eating or drinking vessel you select (i.e., goblet, bowl, etc.), plus any other description of what the vessel may look like; then fetch it from the shelves. This is another wonderful opportunity to express yourself and your personality, as well as show off your form — be it subtle or blatant, however your training level and personality allows.

she glides her way over the floor of the servery, weaving her body in and out of clusters of girls that are working within… a smile offered to the Master of the kitchen, she walks to the shelves that line the wall, eyes of warm earthen tones lifting, stretching her sinuous form to grasp a goblet, etched with designs of warriors in battle...

5. Inspection and cleaning of the eating/drinking vessel.Edit

You'll still see girls rubbing the plate or mug or goblet on their flesh to test for flaws. This is absolutely unacceptable! Slave flesh should never unnecessarily touch a serving vessel in any way. Serving vessels would be regularly inspected by the kitchen master and would beat the slave who placed a cracked or dangerous plate or drinking vessel on the shelves. Drinking vessels are commonly placed upside down on racks to prevent dust and dirt to collect on them. However, the eating or drinking vessel should be inspected visually for signs of flaws that may have been missed or dirt, and then wiping them free of dust or polishing them to shine should be performed, if only to show special care in your serve.

the girls eyes carefully examine the chosen goblet, her hands holding it up to the light to make sure that it is clean... reaching for a rep cloth, the kajira wipes it down thoroughly, making sure that there are no dust particles on it... she polishes it to a high gleam and her full lips smile softly in satisfaction...

6. Selecting and/or preparation of the food or drink.Edit

This is one of the most intricate steps to a serve. There are various methods of preparing many of the drinks (i.e., milk and sugar for coffee) as well as often times, a Master may require a specific meal to be cooked. Pay attention to the details a Master may — or may not — specify in their request. It's always a good idea, to learn the personality and preferences of each of the Masters of the home.

she clutches the goblet tightly by the stem, and turns once more, her journey next taking her to the many racks of bottles... Bottles of wines and pagas fill the racks… the girl's slender fingers dance over each bottle, she carefully scans each label and then selects one of a good vintage... curling her fingers around its neck, she draws it to her…she sets the goblet on the nearby counter with care, focusing her attention back on the bottle, she tugs the cork out of the mouth with an audible 'pop!'… tipping the bottle, she allows the drink to breathe for a moment and then rests the lip of the bottle to the edge of the goblet, tipping the bottle a bit to pour the drink with a steady hand…

7. Returning to the Master.Edit

Returning to the Master is another opportunity to strut your stuff and focus the attention on yourself as well as the one you are serving. Again, be very descriptive in how you walk and move, how you carry the vessel or tray, etc.

the girl pushes the cork back inside the mouth of the bottle, making sure she gets it deep so the wine stays fresh and then returns it to the rack… Once again her fingers curl around the goblet's stem, holding it tightly, lifting it to hold near her flesh… Backing away, the girl turns and makes her way towards the servery's egress and stepping once again into the hall... the kajira smiles serenely at the slaves she passes on her journey back to the waiting Master... emerging through the doorway as she steps into the main hall… the soft pads of her feet silent upon the marble floor as she glides gracefully, her legs stretching and folding, sinuous and feline-sleek she was, a smile curved on her plush lips, onyx eyes sparkling brightly, the soft curls of her hair framing her petite curvaceous body, the lights of the room casting down upon strands of her shiny tresses

8. Approaching the Master; kneeling position/posture.Edit

In this step, the slave again approaches the Master, and kneels, assuming the correct position. The slave should be descriptive in the way he or she moves, kneels and positions him or her self, as well as the description of holding the vessel(s). A slave is openly seductive, sensual and submissive to the Master she is serving, be it man or woman.

With her chin held proudly high, but making sure to keep her eyes downcast in respect of Those around her, she approaches the Master again silently... Carefully, she folds herself once more down to the floor to kneel... her knees are pressed together so she doesn't offend the Master that she is serving, her rounded ass nestling within the cradle of her heels … she postures herself perfectly for Him, her back is straightly held while long strands of chocolate cascade down her back, pooling at her feet… she holds the goblet carefully as fingers move to clutch it by its belly, leaving the stem free to be grasped by His hand, the goblet resting against the soft flesh of her own belly, quivering beneath, her heart hammering wildly, fingers of her other hand stroking the belly of the goblet teasingly, as if it were His shaft…

9. Offering of the food or drink.Edit

In this step, the vessel is offered up to the Master. An overdone dramatical onlinism on Gor, the "slave blessing" should be avoided; it's tacky. However, if such is your choice to do so, beware: some Masters may not tolerate it. Symbolism of subservience and devotion should and can be made, such as placing a kiss to the side of the vessel. This, too, depends on the Master you are serving.

the girl lifts her slender arms slowly, both hands now cup its belly, holding it steady as it travels higher, her arms brushing the soft mounds of her breasts causing them to dance before His eyes, a whispered moan, feeling her nipples grow even more taut, straining against the crimson of her sheer silks… pursing her soft, plump lips together, she keeps her dark eyes averted in the utmost of respect... chocolate pools lift but a moment to gaze upon Him, sweeping low once more, her voice sultry, she speaks then, "the girl offers the Master His wine and prays that He finds it enjoyable."

Serving by the BooksEdit

Contrary to belief, slaves did not taste food or drink before serving; it was often the case of a slave kissing the vessel before offering the drink, however, a slave's lips were never to touch where that of a free's lips touched, where a free drank or ate. In fact, to drink or eat before a Master was to sign the slave's death warrant. Generally the slave was commanded to bring a second vessel of the drink to test the drink; in this way her lips did not touch the vessel of the Master.


NEVER has a slave in the books tested the vessel against her body (especially genitalia!) to check for any imperfections. THIS IS A BDSM CONCEPT.

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