(17:00:15 ® M) violet muse<

violet muse -Ubar's slut- =first girl Kailiauk=:*blinking her eyes against the warm sun she rubs them softly yawning a bit, she stretches out her slender arms sending the length of her firey tresses to pour along supple curves, glittering orbs of midnight blue flick about the room a moment to see what needs done, she pushes upwards from the fur she sleeps on, bending to unlock the cuff at her ankle with the tiny key, returning the key to its safe place she pads out into the main hall, smiling at a few of the girls meandering about, stoping to speak quietly to another asking her to make sure there was enough stores stocked, scowling at another that wasn't working at all and giving her a firm swat to motivate her, turning her attention to the fire stoking it to get it going putting fresh black wine over to get hot*

(17:07:27) violet muse

violet muse -Ubar's slut- =first girl Kailiauk=:*humming softly she rises and begins to straighten up the room, tugging the furs back into place, sending the length of her tresses spilling down over her breasts, the emeralds at her ears sparkling as they catch the rays of the sun, the hoops at her nipples sway with the gentle bounce of her breasts, the chain rolls along the taut flesh of her belly, her bells chime out gaily, spreading the furs out upon the smooth floor she turns swiftly, gliding to the couch upon the dias, straightening the furs there as well, inhaling deeply of His aroma, she hums softly as she works, tucking a lock of crimson behind the small shell of her ear, she motions to a girl and points to the furs upon the floor telling her to sweep them clean, nodding the girl turns away to get to work, as she works she smiles pleased at finally being Home, tucking things away here and there as she puts the slaves to work getting the Home cleaned up before His return, she in turn going to the kitchens to look about*

(17:12:19 ® M) violet muse<

violet muse -Ubar's slut- =first girl Kailiauk=:*moving to the window she pauses looking out into the courtyard, hearing the call of parots and other birds over the din of slaves milling about, the Gaurds posted at the entrance statuesque and fierce looking. With a gentle sigh of happieness she turns with a flash of fire and twinkling emerald, padding back into the bed chamber*

No one hears you.

(17:23:03 ® M) violet muse<

violet muse -Ubar's slut- =first girl Kailiauk=

  • she slips over to the massive bed, her dark eyes roaming up and down its length, seeing the indentation of Him still present, slowly she smooths out the covers upon His bed, inhaling of His scent once more feeling the soft apex of her heat growing moist, a low growling puurrr rolls from her lips as she straightens up the chamber, squating down to smooth out her sleeping furs, tucking the cuff and chain out of the way so it won't be stepped upon, she crawls to the end of His bed and kneels down, looking at His boots and wrinkling her nose as she sees they need cleaned, with a snap of her fingers she motions to a girl to get her the leather soap and a clean cloth, motioning to another to fetch her warm water, pulling them close to her body she smiles and feels a shiver flow down her spine thinking of how those boots feel upon her neck, the girls having returned with the items she smiles in thanks with a bow of her head to each of them dismissing them, taking up the cloth she dampens it, taking the leather soap and working it into the cloth then slowly working the leather boots, first the left boot, working in small circles as she cleans them, top to bottom, not missing a single stich or line, making the supple leather grow darker and become clean, humming softly her head bent in concentration the length of her curls fall down her supple flesh, kissing upon the soft fur beneath her, her firm ass settled into the hollows of her tiny heels, her shouldres flex and ripple as she works, breasts bounce lightly sending the hoops to sway, the chain about her waist dances over her belly, her thighs are parted widely, the dew kissed apex of her tight sex exposed, the ring at her clit glistening with her dew, her full lips are parted upon a smile as she works the leather soap down into the toe of His boot, nodding as it's cleaned she places it next to the bed post before starting upon the right boot, again working from the top down, the light plays upon her silken form like a caress, warming her flesh, her tanned and tonned skin glistening with a soft sheen of sweat, with a push from her wrist she puts her hair out of her eyes, dark coal lashes casting lush shadows over her high cheekbones, down to the toe of the boot now, smiling in satisfaction at how clean His boots are, knowing it will keep the leather supple and from cracking she sets it next to the other, tucking the bowl, cloth and leather soap against her side rising to take care of her mess*

No one hears you.

(17:33:32 ® M) violet muse<

violet muse -Ubar's slut- =first girl Kailiauk=:*handing the bowl of dirty water to a slave she turns to the cupboard placing the leather soap back, wipping sweat off her brow holding the cloth in her hand she pivots upon her tiny feet and pads with a seductive roll of her hips to the basket of cloths, making a face as she throws the cloth in, thinking that by tomorrow there will be enough cloths to wash, she pads back into the kitchen, taking up a spare cloth as she goes, with practiced hands she cleans down the counters and wipes away the dust from everything, including each cup, bowl, plate and utensile, making the room shine, intent upon her task she thinks over what more she has to do, seeing the shelves well stocked, the chillery filled and the dishes cleaned, knowing the bed chamber is finished, she ponders, her hands deftly move over each counter, finished she tucks the rag into the waist of her skirt, taking up a broom to begin sweeping the entire great hall, starting from the bed chamber out, working through the kitchens, dens, library and out into the main hall, dust and dirt having collected in the corners and under the furniture, she pushes all the dust and dirt out the hut's door way, stoping a moment to glance around the courtyard, she lowers her gaze in respect for the Men walking through and waiting till they pass before turning upon her heels and moving back to the kitchen replacing the broom to its rightful place.*

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