I watched as the shaman my Master had bid come walked through the Sleep Chamber door, sliding aside the pannel and locking it behind her. The girl was slight, her eyes were dark and seemed to glow, her lips were set upon a somber look as she motioned me to her. I trembled knowing that what was about to be attemted could very well unlock the mental block either I myself placed there or was put there by whomever the strange Warrior was that carried me to Earth and hid me there. I was bid to lay down and I did so if with reluctance, fearful at what was happening, she cuffed my leg tightly so that I might not run when the memories came. I watched as the girl whom I would later find out was named sky went about the room pulling the shutters closed, the room becoming stifling hot, she lit a number of candles all of different colors and even lit some strange bundles which she placed in an iron bowl that I had up until now not seen. I knew the girl must see my fear, know that I was terrified to learn the truth of who or even what I was, but she paid no attention to it. For the first time she spoke, "I am called sky, and at His bidding I am going to try to gain access to the memories which seem for some reason to be blocked deep within your mind. You must trust me to do this. Do not fear me, all in this Kingdom, the Home of the Mfalme know that to harm you in any way would mean death for us." I could only nod my head at her, trembling as I lay back upon the soft fur, breathing in deeply trying to relax my body. The girl lifted my head and gave me a bitter tasting vile of something, a strange brew that later I would learn makes one's subconsious become their conciousness. Slowly my eyes began to glaze over, I felt as though I could float to the roof of the Hut. The smell of the burning herbs and the low light from the candles made me almost drowsy and had someone at that moment came and tried to take me I would not have been able to fight back or stop them. As I sank further into this stupor my eyes flew wide as a myrid of memories began to rise to the surface of my minds eye. A mountain high above the plains, things, beastly things like giant grasshoppers were all around me. I didn't know it but I was speaking and sky was writting. "They are here, I must be moved, the secret must not be found out. Not yet. It isn't time." I saw myself carried upon a giant animal through the sky out into the night, I was young, barely three summers into my years, I was afraid we would fall but I could hear someone speaking, trying to calm my wailing. "She bid me be silent, we must not be found out. We are going to the Kassarians, we would be safe there for a time." Still the memories flooded my mind, and I upon that fur though bodily there was not there, I was now upon the plains, in the Home of the Wagon People's. I spent years with them, watched the slaves play and dance, pleasure and serve and I was taught, trained in the arts of a passion slave. That being what I was, my unique coloring, my eyes and my demenor marking me even as a child for what I was. The memories shifted then, I was perhaps thirteen or so and there suddenly was a raid. I was terrified, screaming and running to hide. My mistake being to run into the forest. I did not know just who it was that hunted for me. For I was the object of the raids purpose. I fled, running for my very life. "He found me in the thickets, He's the love of the Priest Kings He is here." I screamed out then, sky all the while writting furiously, even marking my scream. I struggled trying to be free, I had no kolar, no brand. That was not for me. Why was I so different? Why were the other girls marked and not I? I had asked the Ubar this many times and each time I recieved the same answer. "Because it is not your purpose to be marked by those of My camp. You do not belong here. You are of Ar." Those words had put terror in my heart. Who's was I? What was going to happen to me? The next memory was of Earth, waking in a strange world, among Barbarians. Though I did not know it I was placed with a family that had originally come from Gor itself, they raised me as a normal Earth girl. I went to school, recieved education, even had children. Though I was never allowed to marry, to have a Man for more than a short while, which made me of course very angry and my memories of Gor were gone. I didn't know who I was anymore. On Earth I had been told my name was raven. Little did I know that my true name was lelania. I went to college and thought my life normal until one night, while coming home later than usual I was set upon by the same Man that had brought me here. I fought Him, viciously, raking His face. He tried to speak to me and I couldn't understand Him. Strange that I should have forgotten the language of Gor when it in truth was my first language. He angered and tired of waiting backhanded me, throwing me to the floor and He took me there, showing that He was Male, I was female and that I had no right to deny Him. He put something over my face and I blacked out. When I once more I awoke I was upon Gor. I was home and did not know it. There were four Men sitting about a fire and I was tied by my ankle to a tree. I tried to get lose and they noticing I had awakened only laughed. I was naked and frightened. Who were these Men? How dare they take me from my home? Where was I? All these thoughts went through my mind. One, whom I gathered was their leader came towards me, and I cowered against the tree, clutching at it and looking at Him. He wasn't unhandsome, His hair was just past His shoulders and thick, a rich chocolate brown. He crouched down before me and spoke to me in English."Steady girl. We aren't about to hurt you. To damage you would mean our death and that is something I for one am not wasting on a slave." Hearing that I spit at Him, and was backhanded for my insolance."Ah what has happened to you lil lelania, you were once so very pleasing. are nothing more than a Barbarian." He sneered at me. Without warning yanking my head to the ground, making me fall upon my belly. I with tears flowing begged Him leave me be. To take me home. He just laughed.."You are home kajira." "Who are You?" He glared at me then, for speaking to Him. "I am but a messenger. To take you to the city of Ar where you will be given over to One of the caste of Warriors. I do not envy you lil beast. For I hear He is the cruelest of all Master's upon Gor." I blacked out then from my fear, only waking when again I was among the Wagon People's. I in my stupor thrashed about, screaming as my mind relived the numerous rapes I endured, the brutal way I was handled in the camp. Told that I was but a message for the Warrior, a means to an end. That when He got what was coming to Him, I would die. Just like so many of the cursed Priest Kings minions. That is when I first new something was different about me. My anger rose, I growled and glared at them, my eyes a flame of crimson red, my hair, long and flowing silk flowed about me without wind. My very skin glowed as a power in me was revealed to those present, words began to pour from my lips to them, I could not stop them,"Woe to the Master's of this realm, to long have you weilded power and cursed the Gods. Your time is at hand. You will be brought low and you will either bow to your Gods or you will die." I slumped then to the ground, I having been a foot off the ground, I passed out, I was lost in a foggy haze and they threw me in a cage to be sold to the highest bidder. Wanting to be rid of me. I could hear them talking late into the night, they whispered thinking none could hear them. "What shall we do with her? We can not kill her. I do not think any sword would pierce her flesh." "We sell her Thantos, we rid ourselves of her before we fall under the curse of the Priest Kings." "But is that wise my Ubar? Could we not ourselves be killed for selling what is not ours to sell?" "No, we may be admonished but never killed. Besides, we did not ask to watch the beast." I heard them growl in anger and I wondered if I were to be sold in Ar or somewhere else. Again my memories shifted. I was dancing for a Man, the tent a deep purple, and I both loathed and loved the Man seated before me. I wanted to be His, I was still as yet unmarked. Why I was dancing for Him I did not know, I had earlier that day already been sold. But I danced, showing Him my need to be taken from this place. To not be sent to Ar. If not for the slaver He would have taken me there and then and I would have gladly submitted to Him. I was returned to the Wagon People's. I had not as I first assumed been bought by the One from Ar but by the same One's that had thrust me so quickly from them. Little did I know that they bought me because I was a passion slave. One of the rarest on Gor. I learned only later on that passion slave's are the most sought after, they are renowed for their skills in pleasure, dancing, serving and strangely their intelligence. I was not there for very long when the Master I so longed to be owned by stole me away. Took me to the jungles and made me His own. All the while these memories flowed sky wrote my words down, she not speaking a word, only muttering softly under her breath. A shaman mantra to controll the tidal flood of my memories, bring them forwards but slowly enough to make sense and to not break my mind. I writhed there upon the fur, eyes a firey red as I remember, a scream ripped from my lips startling the girl as I sat upright so fast that the chain I was clasped to pulled tight with a loud grinding noise. "He is Thelios, I'm supposed to seduce and kill Him. He is a Warrior, leader of the rebelion. Warn Him, don't let Him be killed. In my blood runs the secret to immortal life. With it any who partake of it will never die, they will be more powerful than even the Priest Kings themselves. What the Gods meant for themselves, the Kur's meant to use for their own purposes. Thelios Must Not Die!!!" I slumped then upon the fur, losing conciousness, hair dishevled and falling about my form. I had learned the truth. I wasn't even wholely human. I was a mere creation. I laid there shuddering as sky removed the cuff, blew out the candles, snuffed the burning herbs and opened the windows. She left me there, taking the scrolls to Him. Knowing the most urgency getting them to Him as quickly as possible. Sky looked back only once at me, lying there gone to the world from the trial of mind opening, sweating, shivering and curled in upon myself. Sky could only shake her head, pity in her eyes. Scurrying along to take the message to the Mfalme.

The End.

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