Most Gorean Homestones/Taverns/Inns/Camps take pride in offering only the finest of beverages, prepared and served by those experienced in such. What goes into the vessels are only the freshest most perfectly prepared liquids. The Gorean hosts go to great extent to be sure that there is none to compare to their quality. Runners are often sent to all the far corners of Gor to search out and bring back the highest quality drinks that can be found.

The Gorean Host often keeps these valuable drinks well preserved in a cool room that boasts thick insulated walls and is constantly replenished of ice to insure a steady cold room temperature. Even the water offered to the Guests is of superior quality, often it is brought down from the clean, clear springs of nearby mountains and kept near freezing to preserve its crisp freshness.

Ka-La-Na Made from the grapes of the Ka-la-na plants brought in from the finest suppliers at the City of Ar. It is a strong, dry, sweet, wine that can be served to You in any temperature You prefer. Many Gorean Hosts offer both white and red ka-la-na served to You in elegant wooden goblets. For Your safety, in many channels it is NEVER served in silver, even if You should bring Your own goblet of silver with You.

Blackwine Similar to Urth's coffee, blackwine is a rich, aromatic, hot drink. As with strong Urth coffee, it is strong, thick, and bitter. Beans harvested from the mountains of Thentis are roasted, then ground and stored for use. Blackwine can be served "first slave" - with red and yellow sugars, and/or bosk milk: or as "second slave" - served plain.

Paga This grain based, distilled hard liquor is served in temperatures from cold to very hot in the finest of footed wooden bowls. It's strong beer-like aroma foretells of its deep brewed flavor and quality. Paga is similar to Urth whiskey. Only the best of the Sa-Tarna grains are used to brew this fine quality drink.

Sul-Paga A clear, very strong, lumpy drink brewed from the sul. It is similar to Urth's vodka. Sul Paga is served warm or hot, as is or strained. Like regular paga, it is served in footed wooden bowls - filled at the hearth if hot or at Your feet from a bota if warm. Although almost odorless, it's strength and quality can be tasted and savored by Those who order this drink.

Kal-da Hot and spiced, this wine will awaken the taste buds. Made from the best ka la na and tospit fruits along with spices, and served very hot, this drink brings warmth to the Guest on chilly Gorean nights. Many channels keep copper kettles full and hot with this drink. It is usually served to You in a footed bowl.

Tea Brewed to Your liking, this tea is similar to the pekoe tea found on Urth. It can be served plain, or with sugars, milk, or cream. Many locations serve this fine quality tea in mugs.

Bazi Tea Brewed from fresh Bazi leaves, this aromatic tea is served hot and heavily sugared in three tiny cups.

Gorean Ale Brewed from the fruits and grains of Torvaldsland and hops imported from Urth, this beverage is a deep gold in color. It is closer to a honey lager than to an Urth ale or beer. It is served to You in Your choice of vessels - goblet, tankard, horn or bowl.

Mead Mead is a fermented honey, water, and spice drink imported from Torvaldsland. It is served in a large animal horn to You.

Chocolate The same as chocolate of Urth, this is served thick, rich, creamy, and hot. It can be topped with fresh clotted cream (like Urth whipped cream). It is served in a mug assuring a good quantity of this delicious treat.

Ta-Wine A deep bodied, white, dry wine made from the Ta-grapes from the Isle of Cos, it is served in a goblet or tankard at room temperature or warm.

Bosk Milk This milk is thick, rich, and sweet. It is gotten from the bosk - a heavy bovine comprable to the Urth yak. It is served icy cold in a tall goblet. It is also served with blackwine and tea.

Spring Water From high in the mountains, this pure, clear spring water is kept near freezing temperatures to insure its freshness and quality. It can be served alone or with citrus in tall water goblets. Note: in the desert areas, cool water is more the norm than icy cold waters. Cool water is, however, rarely found and served in the desert Camps.

Merlot Wine Made from the merlot grapes, it is the only burgundy wine found on Gor. Served in tall goblets at room temperatures.

Citrus Juice Made from the juice of the tospit and other fruits it is a lively nonalcoholic drink. It is served icy cold and in a tall goblet.

Mulled Ka-la-na Mulling spices are added to the fine ka la na at the INN, the wine is then heated and served in a footed bowl garnished with ka-la-na fruit or tospit.

Turian Wine Deep red, thick, syrupy wine served in small wooden goblets. This wine is so thick You can see a thumbprint on its surface.

Turian Liqueor Considered the best on Gor, this thick, sweet liqueor from Turia is served in tiny goblets. An excellent way to finish a meal or to enjoy anytime.

Rence Beer Full and robust this beer is steeped and fermented from the pith and crushed seeds of the rence plant. The finest of rence is used - that produced by the rence growers of the Delta of the Vosk. Served to You in a tankard cold and hearty, You will enjoy this drink.

Saiahalayb Extremely potent drink, served by the desert peoples. It is made from the fermented milk of the kaiila, and like the the beast itself packs a powerful "bite"! It is served in wooden bowls, but can be offered in a variety of vessels. It can be strained and stored in a wooden cask, or strained as poured/served. If you like your lumps in your saiahalayb, just tell the girl/boy!

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