• Violet muse

    Lots getting done

    June 9, 2010 by Violet muse

    Master and muse are working hard to complete this page so that there is a point of reference when He opens the new Home. There seems to be a list of things to get done, correct, spellcheck and complete. Never knew it would be this much fun though. muse is hoping that this site will be informative and give a better understanding of her and Master's Home. The Island and all it's surroundings are just the beginning to what is to come.

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  • Violet muse


    June 8, 2010 by Violet muse

    This is where muse will be posting her chores. Except those that are for her Master. Those she will post to His blog. Also she will be posting her dances and some serves so that any girl can come and reference what she has done as a means to learn the ways of the Inlanders. Master is fair but strict. He doesn't take any bullshit and makes damn sure His girls are getting things done properly. muse is going to be creating a chore bored where each kajira MUST post the chores they have done that day and they had best be up to standard. No skimping or shirking of any duties. If muse gives you something to do, then do it. If the Mfalme gives you a chore and wants it a certain way, do so and make sure you do it with the thought in your mind that …

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  • Alii Nui

    *she takes up the newly made whip, smiling as she remembers the weight and feel of it as it crashed upon her flesh, the hot bite of each knoted tail, her crimson locked mane falls in firey waves down her supple form as she moves over to the fur upon the dias kneeling by the couch, settling the whip there before rising and moving swiftly to the closet, opening it with a flick of her slender digits, reaching in and taking out the silver polish and leather soap, moitioning to a girl to fetch her warm water for the soap and taking three clean cloths putting them over her left shoulder padding quietly back over to the dias, her lush hips sway and roll in seductive pleasure, midnight eyes of blue glow brightly, lush lips of deep red are curled u…

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